Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Now, THIS is what I'm talking about!!!

About 5 pm yesterday we started getting some freezing rain/sleet.  That was a bummer, because flurries had been starting to fall, and that at least looked a little hopeful.  Ice did not.

 After we had a sufficient layer of ice, it started to snow.  Ohhhhh, I was excited.  Big, huge, fluffy flakes were falling.  You know, the kind that add up fast.  :)  The only bummer was it was getting too dark to see them fall.

Then around 9:00 p.m. it started raining/sleeting again.  Really??  It was all good--we soon got a call that Mitch's school district canceled school for today.  Whoohoo!  All night I had bad dreams that all the snow washed away.  :)  Well, I suppose that wouldn't have been bad for my friend Devona, who is somehow trying to deliver newspapers in all this.

It didn't all wash away.  We woke up this morning to a beautiful mess and many schools around the state closed.  The snow continues to fall and they say we could get as much as 7 inches still.  Sweet!

Oh, but homeschool is not canceled.  Eden and Micah went to Papa's house overnight.  When/if they get home, they still have to do their school.  :)  Hehehehehe.  Maybe I'll get some good pictures today.  Of the snow, not them doing their schoolwork.

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