Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sorry. Again.

I am sorry for not being more regular about posting to my blog.  I've just been SO busy, as always.  I've also been spending wasting time in other places.  ;)  I am trying to get my priorities sorted though, so hopefully I'll get caught back up!

Apparently I've missed posting quite a few pictures!

Did I mention before that Obi likes to crawl inside baskets?  I think I did.  Anyway, I have this tub of books from Aunt Hope in my sewing room.  He tried twice to climb inside it.  Funny, the books didn't squish down like clothes do!  So he turned around, while still trying to sit on the books, and began throwing books out of the tub to make room.  It was nothing short of hilarious.  Oh, and he was pretty silent the entire time.  He was thinking hard about this "problem"!  Not having a video camera, I took a few pics:

He somewhat made it inside the tub before giving up and crawling back out:

Our weather has been pretty mild here compared to how it normally is.  When the temps get above freezing during the day and then cool off rapidly at night, we usually have some fog.  Sometimes if the elements are right, there is enough moisture in the air to have the frost stick to trees.  It is beautiful!  A couple Saturdays ago we woke up to a frosty white world.  I wish I had more time to *stop* and take pics, but I did my best shooting through the van window.  It was beautiful.  The first pic is on a bridge on Hwy 15, overlooking Waite Park:

Eden and Obi

Obadiah is getting so big!  He has blue eyes and his hair has turned white blonde (without the sun's help).  I haven't had to cut it again, it has not grown very much.

Obadiah and Tirzah.  He has some growing to do to catch up with her!
I felt kind of bad for Malachi (and he is not the first child to encounter this "problem").  He was trying so diligently to build a train track, and Tirzah wanted to "help".  She was doing pretty good--at least she was putting it together--but not exactly how he wanted.  To add to the frustration, along came Obadiah who had no concept of building--only tearing apart.

Obi is exploring the world around him.  He loves to stick his fingers into our mouths, eyes, ears, etc.  He pulls and tugs and pinches.  Fun!
Obi is counting Caleb's teeth.  Obadiah now has 4 of his own!
We often have more recycling than will fit in the one bin we have from the city.  Well, actually we don't have a bin from the city...we have a bin from a former garbage company.  Someone stole our city bin years ago.  So anyway, I was saying we often have more recycling than will fit in our bin.  So we had a stack of new black tubs we bought on sale.  We just grabbed one of those and put it out with our recycling in it.  It disappeared.  We were a little concerned, but we ended up using another tub the next time we had too much recycling.  It was taken, too.  We lost 5 black tubs that way (I know, I know, we didn't learn very quickly).  I can't believe that someone is stealing our bins!  It's NOT the recycling guys.  We know that for sure.  So I put out a little sign.  And an ad on Craig's List.  It made us so mad.  This week when we had overflow we put out a cardboard box instead.  No one stole it.  Imagine that!!  I heard some crazy stories from sympathetic friends.  One friend told me that someone once dumped their garbage out of the city bags (which cost $2/each) and stole their bags.  I can't believe the things that people steal!!  Ok, so this was one of my less-gracious moments.  :)

Ok, now I KNOW I told you that Obi likes to crawl into he found his way into a basket of towels.  Who doesn't love to snuggle clean towels??
Obi climbs in the basket
It was finding his way out again that was less than graceful!
Obi climbs out of the basket

For Valentine's Day, we ordered 41 balloons.  5 for were the Emerson's (because Devona so graciously went to the store, crammed all 41 balloons into her van, and brought them back to me).  23 were for Mitch's class.  8 were for our kids. 5 were for our daycare children.

The balloons cost $0.69/each as a Valentine's Day special.  It is such a fun way to give out Valentine's!


I love having 8 children!
And Tirzah again, just because she's really cute:
Tirzah will be 3 at the end of April.  She is thick in the middle of the terrible two's.  She is adorable.  She tries out different behaviors to see what our response will be.  That's not so adorable.  She wants to be as independent as possible.  She dresses herself.  She's picky about what she will eat.  She uses the potty only when she wants to.  And don't even get me started on nap time.  Nope.

One day Obadiah found a Kleenex box within reach.  He pulled out a tissue, and wow--there was another one already in its place!  So he pulled out that one too.  And the next.  And the next.  You get the idea.  I had to take couple pictures before I took away the box and cleaned up his mess.  Oh how he loved this!!
Obadiah discovers Kleenex

The kids love to play a game.  They pick a word--typically the word "what"--and whenever someone says it, everyone else will say, "Oh, you're stuck with it!"  It's funny (and annoying).  Tirzah loves this game.  She loves to shout "You're stuck with it!!"  But if we say that to her, she says, "NO!  I not playing that game!"  LOL.  Recently someone had the idea to use a clothespin.  They snuck up on someone else and pinned the clothespin on them.  Then said, "Oh, you're stuck with it!"  Took a while for the person to find the clothespin.  It was a new dimension for Tirzah to explore.  She is not sneaky enough nor agile enough to get a clothespin on someone without them knowing.  Thankfully Eden is good at playing along:
Eden is stuck with it!!
A side note, today Mitch said that the new word is "it".  Micah got stuck with "it" repeatedly in the van.  We were ALL yelling and laughing and groaning.  It was hilarious!

Something else pretty major that I accomplished recently was cleaning and rearranging my sewing room.  I went through a massive downsizing at the end of 2011, selling off a huge amount of fabric.  The result is dramatic.  I was able to condense things and rearrange my sewing room so I have a lot more space to move around and work in.  I can't find a "before" pic...bummer.  Before, both of my sewing tables sort of were sitting in the middle of the room.  There was barely room to walk around them, and fabric on all sides.  Now most of the fabric I own is in that shelving system in the corner:
I have the baby pictures of all my kids on the wall.  They used to be in the hallway.  More on that in a minute.  Also there are pictures of our extended family there.  So I can see pictures of all the wonderful people who inspire me to sew, and to be the best I can be.  The jellyfish picture was created by Mitch in school.

The gray shelves to the right used to be filled solid with cotton velour.  I sold A LOT.

One small box between the cubes and my cutting table has some fabric that I still have available for sale.  If I need to use it for a project, I'll pull it out and use it.  I'm not in a hurry.  :)  Under the table are a couple scrap bins.  One is for very small scraps, useful for mama pads or nursing pads.  The other is future wipes (or possibly a Little Cheekies newborn diaper).

The closet still needs some work.  Last year I greatly reduced my stash of used diapers.  I gave away MANY diapers that I will never use again.  I still have a good stash of used diapers that I may use again or would be able to sell.  I want to go through my Creative Memories supplies.  I don't think there's much that I will get rid of, but I would like to organize it and make sure.  Some day I would like to attack the file cabinet.  I have kept records for far longer than I really need to.

Like how Obi managed to be in both of these pictures?  It's like "Where's Waldo".  Since we remodeled our living room, we didn't hang our big maps back up on the wall.  I put the world map up in my sewing room.  I'm working on labeling where our Calvary Community Church supported missionaries are throughout the world.  I don't claim to be good at decorating, but I do like efficiency and organization when I can get it.  I love having my rulers on the wall so I can grab them as I need them.  Tucked in the corner is a picture of my dad when he was a baby.  <3
Now that my sewing room is getting cleaned out some, I would love to paint in here.  We talked about putting in the same laminate flooring in here as we did in the rest of the upstairs.  I'm undecided.

Remember that I don't claim to be a decorator, ok?  For Christmas, I got all the kids' pictures updated.  They used to be only their baby pictures hanging in the hallway here.  Mitch has a little joke about it (he says babies are ugly--such a meanie!).  So I surprised him when he wasn't looking--I took down all the baby pictures and quickly hung the updated pictures in their place.  The baby pictures were all in different sizes/types of frames, so the nails were all crooked along the hallway.  I didn't have time to measure and level the nails, since I was trying to be sneaky.  I said that I would straighten them later.  Well, Christmas was almost 2 months ago and I haven't straightened them yet.  ::blush::

Where did the other maps go?  They are hanging in our school room.  I would have put the world map in here too, but we didn't have space.

I also got our taxes finished this weekend.  I'm sad to say that Pampered Cheeks will show a net loss for 2011.  :(  I expected that, since I sold off so much fabric at a discount.  I do not regret selling my fabric, nor the reasons why I chose to sell it.  I really needed to "let go".  I am happy to say that our new floors cost around $850.  Our new tankless water heater cost a little over $1,500 before rebates (for which we finally applied).  That price includes all the "extra" stuff that was required for installation.  Our back door cost around $450.  And we spent around $300 on paint and supplies.  Wow, paint is more expensive than I thought!  I made less in 2011 for daycare than I did in 2010, but that is because with Mitch teaching the entire year I have less daycare children here.  Naturally!  Over all I am pleased with the numbers.  And I'm glad the work to crunch them is done.  I'm an analyst to a fault.  I'll probably still be perfecting and tweaking and crunching for the next week or two, but I have to let it go, too--I already handed over the paperwork to Mark.

Well, I took long enough composing this post so I need to get going.  Eden is away tonight, so Tirzah has no one to put her to bed.  She climbed on my lap a few minutes ago (45 min past her bedtime) and began crying so loudly that my ears are ringing.  Thankfully she understood what I meant when I told her crying that loud is unnecessary and that she can use her words.  She pointed to the wet diaper I had just taken off her and told me that she would like to have it back on.  Um, no.  I love you my dear and you get lots of choices, but I have the final say.  And please don't cry loudly when you cry in disappointment.

Whew!  Now as I type these last words, she is drifting off to sleep in my arms.  Oh how I love sleeping children!!

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  1. That was a fun post to read :) I used to be more of a decorator. Then I had kids. I love how you do so many cute, sneaky things to eachother - like the pictures, heart balloons, Mitch's jellyfish picture, etc. Just cute :)

    I hope the black bins wern't those heavy-duty bins I remember seeing on a hitch-trailer picture from one of your trips. Those babies are expensive. My aunt and uncle live in your neighborhood. Next time I'm there I'll have to scope out for black bins (j/k of course :) They'd never take them!)

    Oh the sweet memories of my girls climbing into a baby activity table came flooding back when I saw those cute pictures of your baby boy in the boxes :) So sweet :) I think babies love to be small and find nooks and crannys just for their little bodies :) One time, my younger daugter even figure out she could fit into the rotating "wedge" of the lazy-susan at the cabin (good thing she didn't like it and only did it once!)

    Do you have a finished laundry room? I wish I did - I saw a cute idea on the internet where you take the baby-in-laundry basket photos and enlarge them to 8x10s and laminate them (for stability) and hang them from those wooden slacks hangers for a "frame". I'd love to do that if I had a laundry room.