Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tirzah & Amirah

Tirzah loves when Amirah comes over to visit.  They have always been good buddies. Amirah is a Basenji.

Mitch snapped this picture of Tirzah copying Amirah

On Monday night, Tirzah got to go to Amirah's house for a sleepover.   Holly and Kyle live there, too.  Holly took Tirzah shopping.  She got a new shirt, a new dress, and new boots.  Tirzah has such a fun sense of style.  Good thing she has Holly to help her dress.  (The picture below is an example of Tirzah dressing herself.)

Tirzah got a little confused.  She thought that "Holly's house" was the store.  Guess Holly should have called it "Amirah's house".  Hehe.  She didn't want to come home (well, except at 1 a.m. she might have mentioned going to see mommy and daddy).  When she got home, she wanted to go right back to "Holly's house".  This girl is so lucky she has a sister who is 10 years older than her.  She is always going to have someone to shop with!  Holly painted her toenails and her fingernails and put pigtails in her hair.  She had such a great time!

While Tirzah was gone, we got a little snow.  It took the kids all morning to notice.  I thought that was hilarious to listen to the surprise in their voices as each one announced "Oh, hey guys--it snowed outside!"  Then a little while later along would come another kid and suddenly make the same proclamation.  Were they even listening to each other?  The temperature has been getting pretty warm during the day, so it's melting fast.  This makes great snowballs!

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  1. That's my favorite little puppy... Tirzah, that is.