Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Waiting for Snow

We have a pretty major snowstorm predicted for today.  But, as seems to be the case when you are hoping for something to happen, we are right on the border of getting a lot or getting none.  It has been fun to watch the forecast the past few days to see how it has changed.  Even throughout the day today I've been waiting and watching predictions change.  They're supposed to be more accurate the closer you get to time.  I'm glad I'm not the meteorologist!

There's an 80% chance of snow at 4 pm.  It's 4:13 and I'm not seeing it yet.  Only 47 min left in this hour.  90% chance of snow at 5 pm.  Come on already!  :)

Here is our boring lack of snow today at noon:

 And at 3 pm, what we did have from previous days was melting:

I warned you it was boring!!  In fact, if there's anything at all to analyze here, it would be the exif data from my camera.

On the positive side, it's warm enough in the air above that we could get some rain, freezing rain, or sleet if it starts to fall now.  So if we could skip that nasty mess, that would be ok.

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  1. OH i hope for SNOW hopefully ;) But early this afternoon it was down to 4-6 inches =p =( I WANT SNOW ! =)