Thursday, March 08, 2012


Obadiah is 11 weeks older than Tristan.  It has been a while since we were able to get them together to play.  Finally Hope was able to bring Tristan up for a visit yesterday.  They are so cute!  Don't you think cousins are the best?!

 Don't you just love those huge blue eyes???

 Obi looks like he's trying to tell Tristan what to do.  And Tristan doesn't care.

 This was right before...

 Obi reached over and smacked Tristan.  Ok, maybe cousins aren't the best.

 And older girl cousins??  Hmmm...

 Come on, Obi, Tristan just wants to share some kisses!!

 Tristan is almost as tall as Obi!  For a long time we were handing down clothes to Tristan after Obi grew out of them.  Now he has pretty much caught up to Obi.  Except in weight...Obi is still a heavy weight!

 Usually these guys were going in opposite directions, even taking naps at opposite times.

 Time for cuddles with Uncle Mitch.

Hehe..."Uncle Mitch"...

p.s. Don't ask Mitch how he got the black eye, he'll tell you that I did it when he was talking back to me.  ;)  Really, though, he got it playing basketball.

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  1. I snorted at the black eye comment. Wish I hadn't missed so many posts. My comp keeps dying. This one is about to go a second time in 2012 so far. I keep losing my bookmarks... :(

    Spent some time going through your posts and I love all the pics. Thank you for sharing! Don't know how else I would see them :)