Thursday, March 22, 2012


Too much on my mind to blog, but here are some pictures:

Good things come to those who save...for years we have required that the kids put 50% of their money into savings.  Every birthday, every allowance, even money received from small jobs they have put 50% into savings.  Last year we allowed Micah to spend some of his savings to buy a boat.  This year we dipped in again and he bought an iPad 2.  We also helped Caleb and Eden shop for used iPod Touches on ebay and allowed them to use their savings for those purchases.  The kids are learning new responsibilities with their freedoms.

Our weather has been amazing.  It has been unseasonably warm.  First we were given a warm autumn and now an early spring.  Pinch me, it's too good to be true!  The kids have been so excited to get outside and play, and honestly so have I.  The days are "longer" and the sun is noticeably moving across the horizon.  My deck now gets a little sun each day.  In this picture the sun is over the rooftops slightly to the south.  In the height of summer it will set more to the north behind the barn:
 For some reason the kids like to scare their momma by doing this: 
And for some reason, Obi likes it!!

A little over a month ago Zeke was diagnosed with asthma.  His trigger is respiratory infections.  He uses an inhaler twice daily.  I love the spacer on it (even though we paid way more than we should have):
 More nice weather and Obi thinks he can do whatever the big kids do:

Love and kisses from Daddy

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