Sunday, April 01, 2012

Eden is 13 years old!

This weekend we celebrated Eden's 13th birthday.  Ahhhhh--another teenager in the house!

Ok, I know I've been making a lot of comments about this lately that are less than positive.  I promise to straighten up.  Teenagers are really wonderful people.  I'm sure of least I hope so...


Eden desperately wanted to invite girls over for a sleepover.  It's so hard for me to do because, well, if my own teens don't seem to be having much fun in my house what makes me think that MORE teens are going to have fun here?  And it's my job to help them have fun?  No thanks.  ;)  They seemed to have fun all on their own, thankfully.  Whew!  And I have a little relief--I don't think Obi will be asking to have anyone sleep over for his birthday next weekend.  Although now that I think about it, maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing if it meant he didn't wake me up all night...  Oh, what was that?  Yeah, right, I'm blogging about Eden's birthday, not Obadiah's.  Ok...back on topic here.

So Eden invited these girls over.  Wonderful girls, really.  And she had a plan for entertaining them all on her own, which was really good for me.  Her plans didn't exclude all her siblings, which is good for her since I didn't plan on removing any siblings from the premises.  Eden even cleaned her room without me asking her, which is pretty amazing.  It shows that she has a sense of responsibility and organization!

We didn't just invite wonderful teenage girls over, we also invited family over.  Now these guys?  They already know I'm not going to entertain them.  But I will try my best to feed them.  I take care of food, and the kids take care of entertainment, and Mitch is more than willing to jump in when things get boring.

Or, even when things are not boring Mitch will jump in.  He had a little fun with the lighter.  Don't you love the look on Eden's face?  It's almost a "mom-look".  Hehe.  If you're a mom, you can probably write a caption for what she's thinking.  My girl is growing up!
 Um, let's try that again...
 Can you see where Mitch loves to spice things up?
 Ok, so there's a story here behind this whopper ice cream cake:  Eden was invited to her friend Anna B's house.  Anna's mom made an *amazing* dessert.  Eden raved and raved about this cake, and somehow Anna's mom said she would make the cake for Eden's birthday.  This was MONTHS ago, folks.  True to her word, the anticipated day (and cake) arrived.  Eden was THRILLED.  In fact, I think her thank you note could be pages long.  Not only that, but Eden convinced her Aunt Holly to make a second cake.  You know, cause it's so good and we want to have enough.  And you know what?  It was good.  :)  Here is the recipe, if you happen to have a whopper-loving teen:  Chocolate Malt Ice Cream Cake

 Eden and Selena
 Oh how Tirzah loved Tristan!!

 Obi got in on the lovin'.

No 13-year-old's birthday party is complete without a game of spin the bottle duck, duck, goose.  Hehe.  I wanted to see if you were still reading.
 Really.  Duck, duck, goose.  In a room not even big enough to really run around.  You have to try it sometime! 

Here's Tristan again, and his Aunt Holly, just cause they're cute:

Now this is a great picture.  First of all, Tirzah was jealous that Tristan was the focus of my camera lens, not her.  Not that she smiles when I want her to, but the point was I wasn't trying to.  In all the subsequent shots I took she was jumping up and down, climbing on the couch, talking to Tristan, you-name-it to get in the picture.  Secondly, you can see Tristan and Tirzah's faces at the same time.  Do you think they look alike?  Yeah, me too.  Hope should just let me adopt Tristan now.  ;)  Just kidding.  I think it's great when cousins look alike!

Eden is getting to do all kinds of fun things for her birthday.  She has bought her own iPod touch with her saved money, so she has texting now--whohoo!  You know every teen these days seems to need to be able to text.  (She can't text unless she has wifi, but that's getting easier and easier to find, too.)  Secondly, she is now allowed to wear some makeup if she so desires.  She's having fun experimenting with powder, eye makeup, mascara, etc.  Thirdly, she has facebook.  I think that is her most long-awaited desire.

Happy Birthday, Eden!  We love you!!


  1. Hey! I'm only 11 and I have an iPod to text on!(Not that I don't have any more than 3 friends to text)

  2. Happy Birthday Eden !!! Wish i could of come too!! Looked like FUN!!!