Saturday, April 07, 2012

Obadiah's 1st Birthday (lots of pics)

Obadiah turned 1 on Thursday.  On Thursdays Mitch always stays late after school to work, then goes to play basketball at the high school and doesn't come home until 9 pm.  I didn't want to interfere with his "normal" schedule, so we decided to celebrate Obi's birthday on Friday night instead.  As it turns out, I still didn't manage to write a blog post on Obi's birthday.  :)

Obadiah is one crazy, special little boy.  He is moving everywhere--running, climbing, jabbering nonsense.  He goes up and down the stairs with ease.  He has 6 teeth--4 on top and 2 on bottom (just like Micah and Eden at 1 year!).  He loves to eat chicken nuggets, pizza crust, lasagna (or anything with noodles), baked beans, and other soft foods--he loves to feed himself.  He also loves to drink from a cup, whether it's a sippy cup, straw, or just a big kid cup.  He loves water, juice, or milk.  He thinks he loves my Pepsi, but I don't let him try it.  ;)  He is gradually weaning himself from nursing.  He loves to nurse when he's tired, but during the day when he's the most busy he pushes me away and climbs down off my lap.  He doesn't have time for me!  He usually wakes up 3-5 times per night to nurse.  I know what my doctor will say about that...she won't be too thrilled...but I also have been there, done that, so I know the days are numbered.  Eventually he will give up night nursing too.

During the day Obi runs around from kid to kid trying to get into whatever they are doing.  He ignores his large baskets of toys.  He pushes chairs to anywhere he wants to climb, pulls himself up on the chair, and proceeds to pull things off the table, desk, counter, you-name-it.  Playing outside is the best thing ever invented, and if one of the slower-moving children is headed outside and can't get the door closed behind them quickly enough, Obi will follow.  Obi loves doors and loves to enter a room and shut the door.  Every few minutes I find myself playing "hide and seek" with my active, busy boy.

Obi climbs on the stool in the bathroom.  Thankfully he can't reach the sink to turn on the water.  He finds the toothbrushes in a drawer and tries them one by one.  He LOVES water and baths.  One day Mitch came home from basketball and turned on the shower.  While he was waiting for the water to warm, he wandered into the kitchen to talk with me.  Within seconds we heard a thump followed by a short delay, then a cry.  Obi had climbed into the shower, which was now hot, fully clothed and couldn't get back out.  I stripped him down and let him get back in with Mitch once the water was set at a tolerable temperature.  Then he loved it.

Obi still takes two naps during the day, but he's spacing them out so that I think he is transitioning to one nap a day.  Micah is his big buddy and can get him to sleep better than anyone else.  This bond with Micah will be useful when we wean from night nursing.

Well, enough are the pics from Obi's birthday party!

 Making the cake

 He kept trying to grab the mixer while it was stirring.  Then he bobbed his head back and forth in rhythm.  It was so cute!

 I let them lick the whisk after I made the frosting...

 This was so cute because Malachi and Tirzah were making these slurping noises when they put their fingers in their Obi watched them and watched them until he could do it too! 


Holly, can you help me?
 I want to go for a ride!

 We tried and tried to get him to sit still on this so I could take a picture (using a new technique I learned)...but nope...

I love the look on Obi's face when the lighter came near to light the candle.
 And the looks on our faces when he tried to grab the flame...

He couldn't figure out the blowing.  He did almost manage to spit on the cake, though.  ::grin::

 Chocolate was a good choice for frosting.   Not only did he love it, he made a great mess!

Then he shared with Holly's dog, Amira!

Happy Birthday to a special boy!  We sure do love you, Obadiah!

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  1. So fun! I LOVE the look on your face when he tried to touch the flame :)