Sunday, April 22, 2012

Skins vs. Shirts

Tirzah turned 3 years old yesterday!  I have a birthday post coming, but tonight I wanted to post this quickie.

Mitch had just come home from playing basketball.  He had already thrown his sweaty shirt down the laundry chute and was sitting on the couch shirtless while he removed his socks. 

Tirzah came up to her daddy, leaned in close towards his chest, and said, "I can see yours."

After a pause she continued, "They are little.  You should cover them up."

Eden, who was sitting next to Mitch, was trying not to crack up.  Mitch said, "Steph, did you hear her?" while also trying to keep a straight face.

I looked up in time to see Tirzah lifting her shirt and saying, "Do you want to see mine?"



  1. OH!!!! I almost burst out laughing!!

  2. This has given me the biggest laugh tonight!!! I may have to "steal" it for a facebook post (with no names of course). Love it!