Thursday, April 19, 2012

This IS school...

It may not look like obedient students working quietly on their desks doing 14 worksheets per day, but I keep telling myself that this really IS school...

 Sunset shadows on the wall created a chance to play with light.  Nearly the whole family got involved!

 I found this little rogue carrot growing outside in our garden...a leftover from what we didn't harvest last year?  He sure didn't taste very good.

 We count the plants, measure the plants, water the plants, etc...

Other fun "school" activities I didn't get pictures of:  playing with a magnifying glass.  We examined salt, sugar, an orange, then I did like any good parent would and showed our kids how to set grass on fire.  :)  I walked past a window to see Zeke and Josh "playing a game" in the backyard.  Zeke had a nerf-type crossbow up on the deck.  Josh was waiting by the fence on one side of the yard.  Zeke shouted out "Go" and Josh began to run across the yard.  Zeke fired his crossbow.  Miss!  They tried again.  Soon, Zeke had perfected his timing and got a hit as Josh zoomed past.  Oh how I love it!!


  1. At least it was Nerf stuff. Jeremy tells how he and his cousins used to sharpen branches into spears, and then do the same sort of game as Zeke and Josh. I don't think any of them (thankfully) had very good aim.