Friday, May 11, 2012


I posted a few days ago that Connie and Scott were leaving to travel to get Ethan, their new son.  It has been amazing to "watch" on facebook the events of the past few days as they get to know Ethan and prepare to bring him home.  I have had so many thoughts swirling but I've had a hard time getting them articulated.  Today Connie wrote a post on facebook and it pretty much sums up exactly what is going through my head.  With her permission, I share it here:

"I am praying that our son will be teaching us and all of you what the love of Christ-followers can do to a child who doesn't even understand what words we are saying!!! What a rich example this has been of how the Lord loves us when we are ugly in our selfish pride...when we want our way... when we bite and kick and scream...when we don't want to do what is right, pure, godly...when we don't do what we have been asked....when we look at God and stick our finger right back in the open socket after being told not to...when we unlovable and mean...God loves us BUT ALSO lovingly but painfully disciplines us. Ethan has NOT thought that this process has been fun being with us as strangers...he has found this process painful and yet....he comes back and cuddles in and wants more!!! My prayer is that if you have never found Jesus to be in charge of your life...that you would cuddle into Him...not so your life would be easier but because He has forgiven you and loves you and wants you as His own daughter/son. I am not sorry if this rubs some the wrong way but i want to explain...this part of my relationship with Christ, my God and my Savior, has never been more clear than this week. (enter eyes filling with tears!)"
How amazing God's love is for us!  How amazing that it can be shown through adoption!!  

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