Friday, May 25, 2012

Book Review: Eye of the Sword

I actually read Eye of the Sword by Karyn Henley over a month ago.  I feel bad that I've been so busy and didn't get the review written right away.

Eye of the Sword is book two in the Angelaeon Circle series, and is in the Christian Fantasy genre.  It is published by (my favorite publisher) Waterbrook Press.  Since Waterbrook has earned a good reputation with me, I decided to do a little research and bought book one in the series, Breath of Angel, to read before I read Eye of the Sword.

In Breath of Angel we are introduced to a new world in which angels live--in hiding--among humans.  The "stairway to heaven" has been broken and the angels are stuck on the planet.  Many have chosen to try to live as best as they can among the humans.  Some have turned to evil.  Some have taken a stand to fight against evil and search for a way to rebuild the stairway.  A prophesy reveals that a half-angel half-human person will be the one to restore the stairway.  In book one we meet that person and with many surprising twists and turns follow her on the journey of discovering herself.

In Eye of the Sword the mystery continues to unfold.  In the first book we are also introduced to Trevin, who betrays the good side at first and later turns.  It was a great part of that story and a good reflection of redemption.  In book two we focus mainly on Trevin and his journey to discover himself while at the same time proving his loyalty to the King.  The book has fun twists and turns and a good balance of mystery and action.  There is a little romance by the way of watching Trevin and Melaia's relationship develop.

I let my teens read these books and they both really liked them and can't wait for the third book.  I felt the developing relationship between Trevin and Melaia was handled tastefully.  The story was interesting and easy to keep the pages turning (I think I finished it in a little over a day).  I didn't have trouble keeping the characters straight, but there are quite a few characters and I occasionally had to flip back to remind myself of certain events.  Take this with a grain of salt--I am easily distracted!

My biggest con about this book is the type of story that it is.  I guess I'm not really all that big on fiction dealing with angels.  The Bible tells us very little about angels, so in writing a story like this the author had to take great liberty of imagination.  It's one thing to do when you are creating mythical characters, but when you take something that exists in reality (I DO believe that angels exist) and write fiction about them it's a whole different ball game.  Something else that nagged at me was there wasn't the depth of theology in this that Donita K. Paul skillfully brings into her fantasy fiction, and I really missed that.

This aside, it is still an enjoyable read and we will definitely be watching for the third book in the series!

I am thankful to Waterbrook Mulnomah for providing me a complimentary copy of this book for review.  I was not required to write a positive review, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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