Friday, May 04, 2012

Hearing voices

It gets to the point where it seems every crumb, piece of garbage, food, etc, on the floor seems to take on its own voice until at last there are a million noisy voices screaming at me and I am going to go crazy unless they are swept away. 

Don't you have more important things to do, you say?

Yes, and I do them.  That's why I typically only get to sweep once per day, which means that my floor is clean for about 10 min and dirty for about...well, you do the math.  Now before you think that the obvious conclusion is that I am going crazy nearly all day long, I must add this one caveat:  God in His great mercy has given me a handicap.  I am easily distracted.  Thankfully I am distracted from noticing the mess for a large portion of the day.  Then when I finally notice it, the urgency falls upon me and it must be done! 

I love my broom.  I love my easier-to-clean-than-carpet laminate flooring.

The kids are outside, my floor is clean, why am I blogging?  I should go lay on the clean floor.  :)

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