Friday, May 11, 2012

Transplant Shock?

Mitch turned over and cleaned up my garden this week, getting it ready to plant.  I felt that my tomato plants must be getting too big for their planters, so I decided to transplant them to the garden and the straw bales.  Unfortunately I think they are experiencing transplant shock.  After a day they started to turn white and die.  :(  Here are pics when I transplanted them...we'll see if any of them survive.

Turning the garden on Monday, always lots of helpers:

 Micah is an especially good helper!

 Josh enjoys getting his hands (and gloves) dirty.

 My oak trees are always last to get their leaves.

In addition to my transplants, I planted marigold seeds around the perimeter of the garden, as well as a small bit of lettuce, spinach, and radishes.

Inside I left my peppers to continue growing in the planters.  I started some cucumbers and some okra.  After I found out about my tomato plants not doing so well I started some more seeds.  It's probably too late, but I figured since I already own the seeds I might as well try.  ::shrug::  Mitch is growing some seeds with his class and will bring those home to transplant at some point.  Our weather is still kind of cool at night, so maybe by June we'll be doing better with the outside garden!

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  1. Had you put them outside during the days at all to get them used to the outdoors? That is referred to as "hardening off". Maybe protect them for a few days from the wind and full all- day sun for a few days and see what happens... like cover them in milk jugs with the bottom cut out or something? Good luck.