Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update (somewhat random)

God is so faithful and so patient, and I am such a slow learner.  I wish I could be the kind of parent to my children that He is to me.

Our school year is winding down, but it doesn't really feel like it.  I am wound up with excitement for the next school year to the point that I am already planning "summer school" activities for each of the kids.  I can't wait to share our curriculum choices with you and the long journey that has been for me these last couple of months!

I can't believe how fast time is flying.  Mitch's birthday was last week.  A week ago tomorrow!  I lost some days this month I think.  Not only did I not put up any pictures, I didn't even get them off the camera card yet.

 I made this yummy cake.  And oh it was so good!

I was inspired by this post on Grace Full Mama, and the posts it links to, to create a family mission statement.  Oh, at first I wasn't inspired, but God worked on my heart for a while to get me there.  You can see if you follow the link that the post is over 4 months old.  ::blush::  This is something that Mitch and I worked on while we made our way back from Florida a couple weeks ago.  I have been trying to work on it more since then.  It's not really Mitch's "thing" but it really helps *me*.  After scribbling down some ideas about what our vision for our family is, we started trying to piece together our own mission statement.  In the end, we actually settled on adopting our church's mission statement.  Not that we couldn't come up with something good enough on our own, but that it made a lot of sense.  First of all, our local church is the spiritual body in which we operate.  So it makes sense that our family mission statement line up with our church's.  Secondly, our church's mission statement is so well written:  "We exist to live, share, and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and our abundant joy."  Isn't that exactly what we are doing in our home and as we reach out to the community around us?  So now with the mission statement overarching, and our visions or goals underneath, I began to wrap this up into an action plan with priorities.  I transposed this onto school...and it really helped form a framework of how we should "do" school around here.  More on that to come in a future post!

I was sick with strep again over the weekend and I can't say if I was re-infected because I didn't knock it out the first time or if I had a new infection.  Since there was almost 4 weeks between the incidents, and as far as I know I didn't spread the infection to anyone else (Mitch? Or the children I watch?), I am skeptical.  (I admit I don't know as much as I would like to about immunology).  Regardless, I was absolutely miserable.  This strike was worse than the first, though my fever wasn't as high.  My uvula swelled up and I could hardly talk.  I didn't sleep all night the first night because as I would doze off I would instinctively swallow, then jolt awake in pain.  The second night I kept waking thinking that I was choking on my uvula.  ;)  The doctor was very sweet and prescribed me azithromycin...a tri-pack, not a z-pack, but pretty much the same thing...once a day for five days.  SIMPLE.  That's exactly what I need.  She also wrote me a prescription for valtrex, which has worked like a charm.  No fever blisters in sight and I didn't even have to take them.  Just having them in the house is prevention!  Now what do you say to that?  I had two outbreaks already this month, and now that I have some meds...nothing.  Perfect!

(Now that I said that, what do you think will happen tomorrow?)

I read the results of a study done on lab rats recently that suggests a diet high in fructose can make (for lack of a more scientific term).  It can impair brain function, cause loss of focus, impair memory function, etc.  Hmmmm.  Time to give up Pepsi?  The study also showed that taking a DHA supplement can counteract the effects.  So make sure I take DHA if I'm drinking Pepsi?  Or how about taking DHA and not drinking Pepsi?  I may have to think about this.  I'm not easily motivated to give up my vice.  Nor am I easily motivated to take a vitamin nor any other supplement on a daily basis.  I have developed a habit of eating an egg sandwich every morning for breakfast, and I have been consistently staying caught up with the church's Bible reading plan this year too--whoohoo!  So I am capable of adopting new habits.  Watch out, you just never know what will happen.

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