Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's About Time

I have been SOOOO busy! Even now, I don't feel like I really *have* time to spare to sit down and blog, however this weekend I got to go to the Munsinger Gardens with the kids and friends and I wanted to share the pictures.  Mitch and Micah were away camping in the Boundary Waters.  They had a great time!  Our friend Bryan (Devona's brother) shares a love of photography.  Eden's best friend, Anna (his niece), was over for a sleep-over, and she also shares a love of photography.  Thus, a photographic outing was born.

 {Caleb and Obi watching the water pass under the bridge}
 {Malachi and Josh goofing off, Malachi REALLY needs to go potty!}
{Obi just chilling}

{Checking out the river}

{Our crazy group}

{Obi, the artist...see the marker all over his arms and legs?}

{Bryan!  He got some REALLY great pictures with his canon, which he graciously shared with me}








{This bush that always reminds me of my mom}

{Obi, Anna, Eden, Tirzah}

{This car happened to arrive just as we were leaving, and it immediately garnered a lot of attention from people passing by.  The lighting was pretty much perfect from my angle, and I couldn't resist raising my camera for a couple shots.} 

After we were done at the gardens, we took the kids to the playground.  It happened to be the annual Juneteenth celebration.  It didn't take long for this cute little guy and another sweet little girl to swarm Obadiah and offer to help him play on the playground.  The little boy asked what his name is.  I said, "Obadiah."  He replied, "Obadiah?  That's what they keep calling me at the doctor's office!"  I asked, "What's your name?"  He said, "Obi."  Ha!  I wanted to find his mom, but there were SO many people around that it was pretty much impossible. 

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