Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Malachi's 5th Birthday

Malachi turned 5 years old!!

 {Caleb and Malachi}

 Malachi's birthday was this past Saturday.  While I finished baking his cake on Saturday afternoon, Daddy took some of the kids to the Splash Pad at Lake George for some fun.  As soon as I could, I joined them so I could get some pictures.  It was great to have my camera out!


 {Malachi, the birthday boy!}


Tirzah LOVED the merry-go-round.  Eden reported that Tirzah stayed on it nearly the entire time at the park.  Mitch offered to spin the kids, so before long a whole crowd of children had climbed on.  This was ridiculously funny.  It made me tired just watching him!

We picked up pizza on the way home.  We had supper, then Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Paul came by to have cake and bring Malachi a gift.

Malachi is a sweet boy with an adorable smile.  He can't wait to start school.  He's one smart kiddo!

Malachi also 
~loves to eat carbs
~doesn't love veggies, doesn't even like them!
~sleeps in his own bed at night, finally!
~tries to do everything Zeke and Josh can do, from screen time to riding bikes
~can do almost everything Zeke and Josh can do, but his bike does have training wheels
~is a big cuddle bug
~still sometimes starts crying and can't seem to stop on his own
~has 8 silver teeth and has turned our entire family into avid flossers because of it!
~has taught me so much more than I ever thought I needed to know

I am so thankful for my Malachi!  What a blessing and joy he is to our family!

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