Thursday, June 07, 2012

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

I enjoy checking on my plants every day.  I water them, and sometimes I stop to pull weeds.  But I'm always checking things out. These pics are from Monday night.

 Some things are going really well, and others are not so well.  The tomato plants are all doing amazing now.  I can hardly believe it!  The okra that I transplanted is not doing well.  :(  I lost several plants and the ones that made it are still barely hanging in there.  I can't wait to see new growth.  I had a thought today that when I transplanted them, I should have transplanted them deeper into the soil.  I may try watering them more often to see if that helps.  At least they're not dead yet! 

 My marigolds have bloomed at last!  I grew FLOWERS--I actually did it!!  These are the ones I started indoors.  They look great.  I have planted marigolds all around the perimeter of the garden and they are coming up and looking good, but they have weeks to go before they get to the point where they'll bloom.  Right now I'm in the stage of don't-mistake-it-for-a-weed.

 Mitch brought home 3 corn plants he had started in his classroom and I transplanted them in the garden.  They were doing well until I noticed one day that something--a rabbit most likely--had cleaned off two of them nearly down to the dirt.  I was disappointed!  But they are growing back.  I didn't realize that would happen.  I'm quite amazed.  To discourage the critters from coming back to snack I have mended the holes under the bottom of the chain fence where they preferred to enter...they can still get in, but it seems to have deterred them for now.  I also planted some corn seeds to accompany the lonely 3 plants, but I think that only 2 have come up. 
My first crop of spinach and lettuce is limping along.  It's laughable.  I am holding out hope that perhaps we will get a salad out of it!  The radishes are growing nicely...I pulled a tiny one today, not much bigger than a grape, so they need to grow a little longer.  I started a second crop of all these, but I wasn't very conservative with my seeds...I dug a ditch and threw them now I have to thin them as they come up.  But they are coming up (they're in the rows in the bottom of the picture).

I finally moved my peppers outside.  This time I focused agressively on the "hardening off" process and the transplant went off without a hitch.  I think the peppers have been the plants I babied the most this year...I feel very protective of them.  I planted them on Saturday and they still look great.  It had been 7.5 weeks since I started the seeds.  I lost count, but I think there are 6 or 7 bell peppers.  I also have 4 banana peppers that were a gift from Marilyn.  One of those plants has a pepper already forming.  ::squee::

 Tragedy has befallen my cucumbers.  I started out with so many nice plants.  I lost four in the transplant.  I lost 3 more that I "saved for later".  That left me with just two plants, and after a tough start they were showing new growth.  Then I found my strongest plant broken.  I think it's done.  What do you think? 

Lastly, I just love my little oak trees.  I think I love them more now that I'm not worried they will suddenly die over the winter.  They sure do grow slow, but I am excited about the little patches of shade they now throw.  I get excited about the new shoots of leaves that I see growing from the branches.  And the kids can no longer push them over with their toys.  Can you believe that several years ago when I first got these trees, they could practically ride over them in the cozy coupe (the car on the left)??  =D

(This was a "scheduled" post, meaning I typed in one day and scheduled it to publish on a later date.)


  1. My neighbors trampled my plants when they were putting in their fence. I cried when I saw Angel's little bean plants crushed and my pumpkins ripped. I lost a couple of Cukes out of it too. But I just pulled the dirt closer around the beans and straightened them up the best I could. I am happy to say that they are taking off again. I still have a cuke standing, and I too had some watermelon put aside to put out later. Was able to fix everything back up again yesterday. Set out some more Pumpkins as well. I hope your corn comes up!!

  2. Missed seeing you today! Meaning to ask do you prepare your okra?

    1. Here I must admit that I'm not a fan of vegetables, so the okra is purely for Mitch's sake. The only way I'll eat it (and we have my Janet to thank for this, Mitch loves it too) is sliced into rings, dipped in flour/salt/pepper, and fried in hot oil. :) I've never in my married life made it, so here's hoping I can pull it off!! Well, actually I'm hoping I even have some to just *try*. Hehehe.