Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quickie Garden Update

This one was taken on the 18th after I had just weeded the garden:

This one was taken today after I did a little weeding.  You know, having a garden brings a whole new meaning/understanding to the expression, "growing like a weed".  And Josh is feeling well enough to help me water!  I meant to get a picture of the pumpkin at the back.  I told him he could stay if he would grow where I told him to--which would be out of the garden box, not in.  So far it is obeying!  Whenever I see a tendril growing toward the middle, I gently fold it under the other leaves going out. 

We have harvested radishes for the second time, lettuce, and spinach.  Some of our lettuce tasted bitter.  We also had some banana peppers, but they had strange black stripes on the sides.  The plants are not looking good at all.  I have searched all over google and can't find an answer to the peppers looking the way they did (I wish I had taken a picture).  I have searched and analyzed trying to figure out if we have some sort of fungus like leaf spot or a bacteria like early blight, but I can't figure it out.  My tomato plants in the raised bed (above) look fantastic!  (Besides really needing to be in cages and away from each other).  The plants in the straw bales--remember these are the same age and all but 3 were started from seeds--look terrible.  So either it's a disease, or there's not enough nutrients.  I've been watering them enough, so they're not too dry.  The straw bales have good drainage, so I don't think they're too wet, either.  I just added grass clippings a week ago, and pinched off the worst leaves, to hopefully minimize spreading of a disease...but there's no change.  They're just not growing.  Today I added a different kind of fertilizer.  ::sigh::

I have some more plants that need to be set out, but I'm out of room.  I didn't want to put them in the straw bales, but I decided that maybe it would be ok if I made a HUGE hole in the bale and filled it with my favorite potting soil.  So I put fertilizer in first, to hopefully get the bale itself going a little better.  Then I made the hole and packed it full of potting soil (I love Miracle Grow).  Then I transplanted my cukes.  It's HOT here, so I think they'll be happy as long as I keep them watered today.  Oh, and they've been outside quite a bit, so they should be hardened off.  If they die, then oh well...cukes are always on sale during the summer and we don't really eat more than 2 a week anyway!

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  1. FYI: Lettuce becomes bitter when it doesn't received enough water.