Thursday, July 05, 2012

4th of July, 2012

We had a fun holiday.  I love Independence Day (4th of July) because I love our country.

It has been super hot here this week, with temps frequently in the 90s and a heat index reaching 100 or more.  It is downright miserable at times to be outside.  We decided to attend a smaller fireworks display on the 3rd in the town that's about 4 minutes from our house, rather than attending the larger city one on the 4th.  We figured that it would be easier to not deal with traffic, and it certainly was.  It was also very easy to find good seats with a clear view.  The fireworks were pretty much the same, but I suppose the show was shorter.  That's ok.  With small children, I actually prefer things to be a bit shorter.

On the 4th, we went to a parade and picked up an obscene amount of candy.  I let the kids eat as much as they wanted, and we STILL came home with enough to fill a large serving bowl to overflowing.  It was insane!  The parade was fun.  We were in the shade, thanks to Devona, but we were still sweating.  I forgot my camera at home somehow.

In the afternoon we invited Holly and Kyle over as well as the Emersons for a water balloon fight followed by food.  It was a group effort, but with everyone's help it turned out FUN!  The weather was hot, but it felt good as we got wet.  We also had the "water slide" open and some kids from our neighborhood came over to join the fun.

We started with a water balloon toss:
 Then in the intermission, someone decided to try a game of baseball with a water balloon, so several people got to take turns.

Then it was time for the actual fight.  Some of these people are pretty serious!:

After dinner (which was wonderful), we sang Happy Birthday to Micah (and Anna!) and had cupcakes.  Next week on Micah's actual birthday, he will be away at Sweat Training Camp at Camp Lebanon.
 Micah got an egg beater for his birthday.  He was thrilled (seriously).  If you see him, ask him why.  ;)

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