Sunday, July 08, 2012

Garden Party

Well, there's so much green out there, and I have marigolds blooming on all sides, so it's LIKE a party! 

 A green bell pepper hanging out in the straw bale.

 A new green bell pepper in the garden...the race is on!

 A couple weeks ago, I went through and put a new kind of fertilizer on all my straw bales.  Since then, I think my plants have turned the corner.  They are greener, the leaves are not curled, and no spots have returned (I pinched off all the icky leaves before).  There is a real, noticeable difference now.  They're still not HUGE by any means, but at least they are showing growth and good color again.

 The cucumber on the left is at least 3 weeks younger than the cucumber on the right, even though they are nearly the same size.  See how the one on the right is a pale green, while the one on the left is a nice dark green?  When I transplanted my second set of cucumbers, I dug holes large and deep into the straw bales.  I poured in the fertilizer, then added potting soil.  It's not organic, but I think it will be ok.  This has made a huge difference in how the 3 new cucumber plants are growing.  I think they'll actually make something of themselves.  ;)

 There's my rogue pumpkin growing out the back of the garden.  It is covered with blossoms.  I told it we only need one pumpkin...but it is trying.  It occasionally sends a tendril towards the middle, but I'm always right there to push it out of the bed.

 See my tiny okra growing!  The plants aren't very big, so I was surprised to see okra growing on them already.

I love the flowers so much that I'm threatening to only grow flowers next year.  Ha!  I have asked Mitch if we can build another bed instead of using straw bales, and he said yes.

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