Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rest Stop

Anyone want to take a break?  I have been giving you snapshots, in words, of the journey I've been on to rebuild my philosophy of education. 

First, a very short German language lesson from Boys Adrift by Dr. Leonard Sax:

Kenntnis {knowledge about a person or a place that you've actually experienced}
Wissenschaft {knowledge learned from books}

Here are some snapshots of our {real life} summer learning {Kenntnis}.

{The beginning of a new project--widening our driveway--provides lots of opportunity for good, sweaty, dirty work, as well as learning.  Everyone has been involved!}

{What kind of treasure did we find in the yard?}

{A mouse!  And the bad news:  he got away.}

{Malachi learned to ride a bike without training wheels.  The fact that "all the other kids" in the neighborhood were doing it may have been a motivating factor for him to overcome his fear.  I'm just glad he learned to balance quickly and didn't have too many falls.}

{Crushing wheat}

{Watching a spider spin a web in the garden}

{The kids have loved this project.  Lots to learn here.  They have been perpetually dirty.}

{Eden and I did a sewing project and began planning more projects.}

{Climbing a tree}

{Playing with a garter snake we caught.  This one got away too, on purpose.  I hope he catches the mouse!}

{And we found the skin of another cool}

Stay tuned...I have a post about motivation/learning and a post about high school coming up next!

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