Friday, August 03, 2012

A Concrete Project

Mitch decided that he would like to extend our driveway, move our mailbox, and move the fence gate that is beside our house.  This sounded like a big project to me, but I was ok with it as long as he was ok with me not handling the shovel!  He started on July 6th...

Our mail lady has been complaining about our mailbox for a few years now.  She has threatened (in writing) to stop delivering the mail if we didn't move the box.  She never did carry through on her threat, but we are finally going to move the box, which is falling apart anyway.

The grass beside the driveway is not doing well.  It is full of weeds, and when it rains the water puddles up in the mud by the corner where the driveway meets the sidewalk.

This will take care of the weed problem!

Obi was allowed to play in the dirt and mud all he wanted.  I am sad to say that he ate some.  Or a lot.  But remember the freedom he has to play in the mud...

July 15th...moving along nicely.  This is hard work!

We found a lot of sand that proved to be useful.  We repurposed the sand by digging it out and spreading it on top of the dirt.  We filled the hole with rocks and dirt, then covered it with sand.

There were worms, lots of worms.  Tirzah claimed them all as her own and named them and made up stories about them before placing them in the garden.  She said who was mommas and daddys and babies.  Obi might have tasted one.  Maybe. 

Today, August 3rd, was concrete day.  We had some crushed rock (actually recycled concrete) tamped down on top of the sand, and some wire.  We are grateful that Paul's neighbor, who used to do concrete work for a living, came to help us with his cool tools.

Everyone gathered to watch when the cement truck arrived.

Mark has been a huge help to us during this whole process--what a blessing!

Now, remember what I said about Obi and the freedom to play in the mud?  Well...
He almost did, but thankfully I put my camera down in time to snatch him away.  He is fast, but sometimes I'm faster.

At this point I had to go back to being mom and had to put down the camera again.  I didn't get any pictures of Dan smoothing or brushing the concrete.  I love watching this because it's like an art.  We thought we would have plenty of concrete, but we actually ran out!  We had to make TWO runs to menards to buy some concrete and mix it by hand to finish up the small part down by the road.  We could have had the truck come back for not much more than it cost to do it ourselves...hindsight is 20/20.

We got our new mailbox in (we even had the mail lady come by and approve it first, LOL)...doesn't the post that Mitch and the kids designed look great?  

I forgot to get a picture close up, but the fence is also moved to be even with the back of the house.  The kids would always "disappear" around the side of the house and then sneak out of the yard or get into trouble.  Now I can see both gates easily from the back yard.  I wish we had thought of that when we were installing the fence 9 years ago, but heh, I'm more thankful for a hubby who is willing to do the hard work to fix it.  When the concrete is dry we want to put up a basketball goal out front.  In the winter we will have more room to park the vehicles.

This certainly wasn't a weekend project, but it was a big project that improves the look of our home.  We owe a debt of gratitude to the many friends who came out to help us!   


  1. Excellent job - beautifulfamily - go photoshop that number off your mailbox before a psychopath tracks it down! It's a matter of safety!