Thursday, August 23, 2012

Small Update

I know I haven't been blogging much, but I've been very busy doing other things.  I have been spending a lot of my time preparing for school.  But I've also been spending a lot of my time just taking care of kids.  It is overwhelming.  :)

I have a few garden pictures mixed in here, but not much.  These were taken at the beginning of August and it's been very dry here up until yesterday (though not very hot), and my garden now looks sad indeed.

 Obadiah decided to take his climbing shenanigans to new levels.  Needless to say, I drew the line here.

 Still mostly green 3 weeks ago, this pumpkin is now completely orange.

 I waited all summer for the purple and white flowers to bloom, now I enjoy them tremendously, though the blooms don't last long.  The marigolds are amazing here at the height of their glory.  Now they too are fading.

 This was quite a nice harvest of tomatoes and okra...and my one, lone ::sniff:: ear of corn.  I actually didn't harvest the okra soon enough and it was gross.  I learned something though!  Next year I think I'll try again, though my okra plants are still blooming so I may get a second harvest yet this year. The corn was not very good.  I need some good seeds.
 Micah signed up for 3 weeks on staff at Camp Lebanon, then after completing those he has been able to go back two more weeks.  Out of the past 7 weeks, he has been at camp for 5 of the weeks, and we went camping together as a family 1 of the weeks, so he has only been home for 1 week.  He won't know how to act when he gets home tomorrow!  We start school on Monday, so that will be a change of pace for him.  :)

 Such a silly boy!

 We have been studying Zoology 1, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day (Apologia) this summer, focusing on the units on insects.  What a fun journey this has been, at least for me!  We found this little guy (a mayfly??) on our window screen just after he had molted.  I thought it was very cool.

 We wanted to go to Virginia to visit family this year, but we just couldn't swing it.  I really wanted to do something though, so we opted for 5 days of camping.  We picked Mille Lacs Kathio State Park as our destination.  It was a great choice!  There were activities every day at the Interpretive Center.  We also took some hikes, swam, fished, and looked for wildlife (always interesting to do with a noisy, rambunctious group).
 The park has lots and lots of deer.  We saw many!

 {Tirzah and Obi}

 I couldn't keep the boys out of the woods, and I didn't even try.  It was wonderful to be out in creation.  Thankfully, no one got into poison ivy, not even Malachi who had nothing but flip flops to wear because he forgot his tennis shoes (an occurrence so common I should tape a note to the dashboard of the van).

 Look what I caught with my trusty scooby doo pole!

 Zeke caught this beautiful (can't believe I just said that) mink frog.

 This little insect was fascinating!  He is a phantom crane fly.  He has air pockets in his tarsi so that he spreads out his legs and catches currents of air when he flies, so he looks like he is floating through the air.  His unique coloration causes him to disappear when flying through shaded-but-sunny areas, so he has a "phantom" like act of disappearing-reappearing to trick predators.
(Thanks to the park naturalists for helping us identify it and find information about it.)
 We drove over to Father Hennepin State Park to fish on Lake Mille Lacs.

 Josh caught a decent small-mouth bass.

 Eden caught a beautiful...though small...walleye...yum!!

 Tirzah was not nearly as impressed with her small mouth bass as the rest of us were!

 For some reason, Obi REALLY wanted this fish!  He was right there grabbing at it the entire time Mitch and Micah fought to get it off the hook.
Speaking of Micah, I have never seen so much patience as I did from him while we were all fishing.  He patiently got each and every pole baited up and ready.  He was incredible!  Not a selfish moment in the afternoon.  He loves to fish, but it was amazing how much time he sacrificed to help everyone else.  

 Eden became quite the pro at catching least the tiny ones.  Apparently she stopped counting after 18.

 I caught a walleye too...I think the only way I'm going to get one for eating is to drive to Culver's.  I love my Scooby Doo pole.  ;)

 Zeke too.

 I decided to load up the younger children and take them swimming after a while.  I could only handle so much stress of having Obi and Tirzah running up and down the dock without life jackets on.  I was too nervous.  The water was cold, and they didn't swim much at all.  Just enough to get wet and let the sand stick to them.  They were SO dirty.  The theme of the week, I believe.

 One of the most interesting hikes we went on was a self-guided nature walk that took us through a bog.  Being able to look at a bog, right in front of us while reading about it, really helps bring other books to life.

 The Emersons came and visited us at camp one day and went hiking.

 The "observation tower".  I went up on the first day, but the kids wanted to go back a second time with the Emersons.  I wisely stayed at the bottom.  No need to see it twice!

 Headed home!

 This is how Josh looked after spending just a few minutes with a neighbor's cat that got outdoors.  Definitely worse than ever before.  :(  We suspect he is also allergic to horses.  Hopefully I will get to test that theory tomorrow.

Mitch planned a day at Valleyfair with the oldest 3.  Micah actually said he didn't want to go, and willingly gave his spot up to Zeke.  THEN, Micah got called to go to camp this week, so it all worked out well anyway.  The four of them had a blast at Valleyfair, though Eden claims she doesn't really like rollercoasters.  I am so jealous.  I LOVE rollercoasters.  But I think that I'm getting too old and I get motion sickness easier now, so I don't know if I could handle it.

Alright, that's all for now.  I could write more, but I don't have time!  :)

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  1. So how do you know it wasn't just one poor baby walleye y'all kept catching? Haa?! What fun times and great memories! I want a valley fair trip too!