Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quick Update on Obadiah's Diarrhea

Hi!  I wanted to give a quick update on Obadiah and his diarrhea issue that I mentioned a few weeks ago.  I had an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist on Monday.  About a week before, I started documenting his poops and what he had been eating.  Wouldn't you know it, from the time I started documenting he only had ONE day with diarrhea?  :)  I still kept the appointment.  It was very good.

The physician's assistant that I saw was very caring and very thorough.  She listened carefully to his history, didn't get any facts mixed up, and was great at helping me piece together and sort through details, adding in education.  For example, it is ok for a toddler to have a little white blood cells or mucous in his stool occasionally.  It is also normal for a toddler to have a little higher motility (meaning that food moves faster through their intestines) than older children.  Obadiah just seems to have it on the high end, but since he IS gaining weight, it's not a problem.  Oh and did he ever gain weight!  This is really good--he gained (there could be scale difference) a pound and a half to bump him back up into the 46% for his weight...which is really good and puts him back in his growth curve.  I can hardly wait to get him back to the doctor and have him weighed on her scale at 18 months.

The p.a. didn't stop there, though.  She also ordered tests, which I was grateful for.  She said she expected them to come back normal, but ordered them just to check.  She ordered a test for celiac disease (yay!), his thyroid, a complete blood count, and another stool sample to cover a test my doctor had missed.  All came back normal.

She gave me some probiotic samples and also suggested that I could give him a fiber supplement to help bulk up his stool.  I had noticed that when he ate high fiber foods during my period of documentation, that the next stool would be a really "good" one.  She also wrote up an action plan for if diarrhea starts again.

All-in-all it was a good, thorough appointment.  I am relieved that nothing is wrong!

Another issue that Obi has is he often wakes up at night crying.  It is frustrating for me, because I'd really like to have a stretch of time with consistent sleep myself.  His cry is an "angry" one.  He will hit or kick or even throw things.  It's really weird.  One night I got up to give him some tylenol, wondering if he was in pain.  He refused the tylenol, but pointed and asked for a banana ("nan-nuh, nan-nuh").  When I gave him the banana, his body instantly relaxed, and he even started to fall asleep while eating it!  So I wondered if he's sometimes not eating enough calories in the day to hold him over through the night.  I can see how waking up hungry, only to have a nuk shoved in his mouth and be shushed, could make him angry.  So I'm now testing this theory (and having a hard time keeping bananas around!).

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