Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quick update

I'm trying out posting from my kindle for the first time.

It isn't fun or efficient but I can sit in the couch. :)

I think the profile picture of me in the sidebar is time I'm at the computer I need to change it.

I had an abscessed tooth last week. Worst pain in my entire life. The infection was so bad they left it open for 6 days to drain it. They finished the root canal yesterday and sealed it up but it hurts today. :(

School is going ok. We hit a major snag with a too tight schedule but I'm learning to be more flexible. The kids seem to enjoy school.

The weather has turned colder and I'm finding it harder than ever to adjust. Wearing jeans and a sweatshirt when the house is 75?!? Really?!? Darn pregnancy hormones!

I see the doctor for the first time on Monday. I'm excited. The past six weeks have been longer than I thought they would be (I saw a nurse practioner for an "initial visit" at 10 weeks...didn't listen for the baby's heartbeat then but we'll definitely try on Monday!

I NEED to take more pictures. Seriously.

Time for a lab experiment with Micah and Eden!

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