Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tirzah's New Shoes

Tirzah is a shoe girl.  She loves shoes.  I had some new shoes (that I bought on clearance months ago) stashed in the top of our entryway closet.  Tirzah and Malachi have both taken to "plundering" while I am otherwise distracted teaching school.  A little over a week ago, Tirzah found the new shoes.  They are still a half size too big for her, and I told her this.  I asked her to put them back.  The temptation was too great, however, and she wore the shoes first, then put them back.  She has continued to get the forbidden shoes out, wear them, then return them to the box.  Just this morning I walked past the coffee table and saw them lying in their box.  They don't look quite "new" anymore!  I just get the biggest kick out of the fact that she keeps putting them back in the box as if that will keep them new.  :)

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