Thursday, December 13, 2012


First up in my major update, I'm flying back to August.  SO many things missed this month!

 The sunflowers were gorgeous.  Eden and I took some fun pictures.  We played with lighting, framing, and just being artistic.  (These pictures are all mine...if I had more time, I'd share hers too).

 (Playing with my 200mm zoom lens)

 We didn't have many carrots, but we didn't plant many either.  And it was a dry year. 

This is what our unmatched sock bin had accumulated to: 
 (I did find some matches in here, the rest are sitting in a bag...their matches will never be found I think).

 Josh lost his second tooth!

 Obadiah got a tree...and a Papa's house.  I'm glad Papa has lots of trees, his family is growing in leaps and bounds!

 Josh had a severe allergic reaction to playing with the neighbor's cat that got outside.  This was after only a few minutes.  It was much worse than I'd ever seen him before, which leads me to believe that he will never get over it.  :(  

Eden takes riding lessons from a generous woman in our church.  One day I stopped by with all the kids to pick Eden up after lessons.  They pet the horse for a few minutes, and when we got back in the van I noticed Josh was already itching his eyes.  I planned to take him out the next time Eden went to see if he would react to the horses.  

He was so excited to get to ride!
 Sadly, Josh did have an allergic reaction to the horses.  I had brought along allergy meds and eye drops, so he still got to keep going, but his nose was runny and his eyes were itchy.  Not fair!

 Eden cantering.

 Mitch bought a sheet of shower board from the home improvement store for around $11 and hung it on my wall to use as a dry erase board.  BEST ever.  I am SO thankful for this!  In this picture it looks like everyone is in time-out, though. class was really, really bad.

Lastly, Josh turned 7 years old.  Happy Birthday, Josh!

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