Thursday, December 13, 2012

November, part 2

Ok, so here is November, part 2, rescued from my camera card.

WARNING: at the bottom of this post there are a series of pictures of my messy house.  Hopefully these will shatter any notions that you have about my being perfect.  But it could be upsetting to see my house messy in spite of efforts to clean...try not to be upset. ;)

In November our pastor did a sermon on prayer.  He used the acronym ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication).  Thanksgiving week I decided to apply the sermon to our children's lives.  We took one letter each day, talked about what that particular word meant, then worked it out.  I went out of order so that "Thanksgiving" fell on Thanksgiving Day.

I loved seeing what they came up with...(but I'm not posting the "Confession" picture because, well, it was genuine confession and perhaps not everyone would like that exposed on my blog).

For Thanksgiving, we wrote on our table cloth, as usual.  Everyone LOVED reading the words from past years.  It was so fun to see this finally coming together.  I think we figured out this was our 8th year doing it.

A yummy spread of food!

Later in the afternoon it began to snow.

Eventually the flakes turned into huge fluffy flakes, the gorgeous snow-globe kind of flakes.  I wish I could have captured their beauty on camera!

Ok, up come the messy house photos.  We decided to rearrange our bedrooms.  We do clean house.  And we have cleaned LOTS and LOTS since then...but I just haven't managed to capture the beauty of that on camera either.

The "master" bedroom upstairs before:
Not enough room to move around our king sized bed...
After, it is Micah and Caleb's room (it has improved since this picture was taken):

My sewing room before:
I combined the schoolroom and my sewing room into one room.  Doing this required that all of my fabric go into storage.  It was a decision that took months for me to make, but I was finally ready.  It felt like a selfish waste of space before.  I was rewarded by how many things actually fit well into the school room.  And I've already been sewing so I know it is very functional!

The boys' room downstairs before:
Micah slept in this side...

Zeke, Josh, Malachi, and Caleb all slept on this side:

After, we are finally back in the "master" bedroom we built for ourselves years ago! Whoohoo! We can actually walk around the bed now. I put this crib mattress on the floor in hopes that I could convince Obi to sleep there, but it's not happening. We have the other crib mattresses nearby in the office for small children who want to sleep near us during the night. So far, they've been used several times!

This is the office area, and where all of my fabric is stored. Now, it's not ALL fabric. Some tubs are blankets. Also all of my Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies are down here now. It's not "pretty", but it is a much better solution than before we started.

Back to what used to be my sewing the little boys' room.
We had converted this bed into two toddler beds on the bottom.  Since I find Zeke, Josh, and Malachi often sleeping together on our couches, we converted the bottom bunk back to a full.  Zeke and Josh sleep on the bottom and Malachi sleeps on the top (where Tirzah is). 

That's almost was a busy weekend!  Our home is so much more functional and I am thrilled.  I only wonder why we didn't do it sooner.  It felt so good to move things and vacuum thoroughly and find missing pieces to games and puzzles and toys.  Everyone worked hard and had good attitudes (for the most part).  We also rearranged our family room downstairs the following weekend, but I don't have an "after" picture yet.  Maybe we should clean it for real first.

Another experiment...electromagnets!

Then it was my birthday, almost 25 weeks pregnant:

Obi, what did you get into???

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