Thursday, December 13, 2012

November...apparently only part 1

Next up are pictures from November...

Caleb gave me these flowers on Mother's Day.  They potted them during Sunday School Class.  Not only is it remarkable that they are still blooming (and a whole new plant is growing) in November, it is remarkable that it survived longer than a week in the first place!  I seriously kill all house plants.  Shhhh...please don't tell it.  I've grown kind of fond of it.  Leave me a comment if you know what kind of flower it is.

Here's another science experiment.  :) I'm not just taking pictures of the experiments out of pride (but it is quite the accomplishment, that after years of failing at experiments we have done 97% of the assigned experiments for Apologia Physical Science this year!).  I'm taking pictures for documentation since Micah is taking this class for high school credit.  At the end of the year I will print the photos and he can add them to his lab journal and save it for later proof if needed.
(And I plan on doing a complete homeschool update later, but let me just put in a plug here:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Apologia Physical Science.  Love it!)

Caleb fell asleep reading one of his favorite books.  Hehe...

I looked it up this time...21 weeks pregnant.

I can't believe how big my boy is getting!  Here is a post about him one year ago.

We got a stomach virus.  Zeke was first to get it.  A couple days later Tirzah got sick.  I was up all night with her.  Lucky girl got to sleep all day the next day.  Zeke kept her company since he was sick already.

Sooooo cute...Josh and Obi reading together on the couch.

I let Malachi practice writing his letters on the big white board.  Tirzah decided she could "do her school" on the board too.  She tried to write letters.  Then she just started drawing pictures.  She draws some really great pictures!

Tirzah's still going.  This board was such a good (and inexpensive) investment!  How do you like our story chart?  We are using Teaching the Classics.  More on that to come.

My "grannyham" always used to make pecan pickups.  After almost 16 years of marriage and living on my own, I finally decided to try.  It may have a slight learning curve, but I think I can handle it.  My first attempt didn't look pretty, but they tasted great!  This is the recipe I used:

This experiment that Micah and Eden did was called "Plastic Rock".  The kids LOVED it.  You can find instructions here, but it doesn't tell you how much cornstarch to water.  I'll have to look it up for you.

Finally, Tirzah and Obi helped me make brownies.  Yum!

Oh, wait, I can't be done...this is only like half of November.  There is Thanksgiving and MY birthday!  I will have to check the camera card for more pictures.  :)

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