Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Day!

I was hoping for a late winter snow storm, 8-12 inches, and we got one!  It came yesterday (Sunday).  We stayed home from church and watched the snow fly.  Mitch kept the driveway clean periodically throughout the day.  I even went out and moved a little snow in the evening because it is kind of fun as long as you don't "have" to do it.  Mitch built an awesome snow fort for the kids.  Hopefully I'll go out and get some better pictures during the day, but we played until it got dark out yesterday:

 Mitch said Malachi was actually a really good helper when it came to shoveling the snow.

 Obi and Tirzah got to come out and play too.  Obi loved it until the snow got under his gloves for a long time and "burned" his wrists. 
 Mitch brought out sheets of plywood and boards and cardboard to stabilize the fort walls/roof.

That is one clean driveway!  Not so bad for doing it all with shovels.  The snow plow had been through and left us a nice ridge at the bottom too that we had to move.  I dug out the mailbox so we can still get mail.  :)

Caleb and Malachi inside the fort.  By this time it was pretty dark and my camera had no idea where to really focus. 

Schools in the area are on a 2-hour delay today, but that's all.  That's just how efficient our people are at moving the snow off the roads.  Mitch's school already had no school for kids today (just in-service), so he had to report to work on time.  Oh well...get it over with.  Homeschool is running on schedule!

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