Friday, March 08, 2013

39 Weeks!!

I haven't been 39 weeks pregnant since I was pregnant with Micah 16 years ago! 

I have gained 32 lbs so far.
My blood pressure is really good...102/58
The baby's heart rate was in the mid 140s
My tummy measured a week behind at 38 cm (the last two weeks I was measuring 1/2 week behind)...possibly she has just dropped further into my pelvis.
I am still only 3 cm dilated.

I am in a really great mood.  On the way to the doctor this morning I heard on the radio that the average adult only smiles 7 times a day.  I have been smiling all day!

Physically I feel really good, but today I did have some trouble with one hip.  If I turn the wrong way it "catches" and my leg nearly gives out.

I got my grocery shopping done, with menus made out for the next two weeks.  Most of the meals are easy ones that Mitch and the older kids can do without my help.  And we have plenty of back up options also, as well as some fun snacks.

We are going to take it easy this weekend, but there is a snow/ice storm heading our way.  I plan to spend some time working on a scrapbook.  :)

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