Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Watched Pot...

You know the saying, "A watched pot never boils." 

I feel a little like a watched pot, waiting to go into labor.  =D  Mitch called today to say that every time he goes into the teachers lounge he is accosted by fellow coworkers who are waiting to hear baby news.  I actually am loving it (all the attention) right now.  I'm trying to keep a very positive and patient outlook.  So we don't know when the big moment will be...we are just as clueless as everyone else.  But I do know it will be soon.  "Soon" is such a relative term.  If you had told me a week ago that I'd still be pregnant today, I might not have felt so optimistic. 

We had a "false alarm" on Tuesday night/Wednesday early morning.  Tuesday morning we woke up to a lot of new snow and Mitch's school called off school for the day.  It was a fun day, and I just knew I would go into labor.  Sure enough, around 11 pm, about 45 min after I went to sleep, I woke to a strong contraction.  The contractions continued to come so after a few of them I started timing them.  They were between 3 and 5 min apart and lasting anywhere from 1 min up to 2 min.  After a little over an hour I woke up Mitch, and we started getting things ready to go to the hospital.  We woke up Eden (who wants to be at the birth) and Micah.  Micah just needed to know that we would be gone and that he could call Holly, who could be here within a couple minutes if needed.  We figured that closer to morning we would call an adult friend to be in our home when kids began waking up. 

We arrived at the hospital a little after 2 a.m. and were sent to triage.  I was happy and chatty, and very nervous.  That's no biggie, I'm pretty much happy and chatty all through labor, so it can't be an indicator of labor for me, right??  In triage I obligingly changed my clothes and peed in a cup and took my weight.  Finally a nurse checked me--still only 3 cm--and put me on the monitors.  We registered one contraction in 5 min, and we were sent to walk the halls.  After about 45 min I wanted to drop.  I was TIRED.  And I was also convinced that contractions had completely stopped.  I asked to return to my room.  A nurse came in, and I said, "I would like to go home."  She was very nice, nodded, and said, "Do you even want me to check your cervix again?"  I declined.  A mother knows when she's been skunked.  She called the doctor, who asked if I could be put back on the monitor for a few minutes first.  They did this, registered about 3 contractions, and then decided to discharge me.  Seriously, I'm surprised that those tiny, very un-serious tightening-of-my-belly squeezes even showed up on the monitor.  The baby sounded perfect.  I was discouraged, and exhausted.  I eyed the clock, computing in my head the maximum possible amount of sleep we would get before morning.   A nurse and I chatted.  I said, "You would think that by baby #9 I could tell real labor from false labor!"  She thoughtfully replied, "That's actually funny."  :)  She told me that they were understaffed for the overnight shift and they had already delivered 8 babies that night, only half-way through her shift.  I was glad to be going back home on a busy night.

We got home around 5 am, so we only got 1.5 hours of sleep.  I was a walking zombie, and canceled school for Wednesday.  Mitch was wonderfully supportive, and cheered me up.  He said, "Hey, it was a good practice run, and now we know what to expect!"  (The hospital birthing center has been completely remodeled and things are a bit different up there now.)  Mitch was glad to go back to school for the day so he could tie up some more loose ends as far as lesson plans go. 

As I reflected on the event (and tried not to be so dang prideful), I thought about things this way:  My water has broken 5 times and labor did not start.  Out of the other 3 times, one of those I went into the hospital with contractions but things didn't really get "serious" until the doctor broke my water.  Only 2 times have I gone in to the hospital in full, active labor.  So I guess it is understandable that I was duped this time.  I was duped another time too--with Tirzah.  So two false alarms in 9 pregnancies is not so bad.  I do need to get over the fear that I will wait at home until it is too late.  Other than that, I feel very peaceful about waiting until the time is right and not trying to hurry things along.

Yesterday I skipped drinking the RRL tea and taking alfalfa, because both increase braxton-hicks contractions.  I didn't have any noticeable contractions all day.  We had supper done and cleaned up by 6:30 pm, and I went to take a relaxing bath--complete with candles.  After my bath I took tylenol to stem the headache from lack of sleep, and I also took a Unisom tablet to help me sleep.  I really didn't want to wake up with every twinge or kick.  It did the trick.  I was out by 7:30 p.m.  While I had to get up to pee, I was able to fall back asleep immediately.  I slept until 6:30 a.m. and woke up feeling more like 30 weeks pregnant than almost 39 weeks.  What a fantastic feeling!!!  Today we are doing a full day of school, and just focusing on being "normal".  It has been a great day so far.

Tomorrow morning I have an 8:30 doctor appointment.  It will be the first time since Micah (my first pregnancy) that I have made it to a 39-week appointment.  The cool feeling is that it's no big deal.  I could not have said that during my last couple of pregnancies--I'd probably be crying.  :)  I hope this feeling lasts and lasts.  The peace and patience are a blessing from God, I know that for sure.  Tomorrow afternoon Micah has a dentist appointment.  The kid has wisdom teeth coming in!  Imagine that!!  I can't believe I am about to give birth, yet I have one old enough for wisdom teeth.  ::shaking my head:: 

Here are some pictures from our snow day on Tuesday:

 Adding to the snow fort

Lots of GOOD help shoveling the driveway!  

Our van is dressed up as a Dodge

Can you guess who was the only child who did not go out in the snow to "play"???

These pictures make me so happy for a hidden reason:  You can see the rays of the setting sun across our back yard.  That's because as we get closer to spring, the sun now sets more towards the north.  In the winter the sunset is blocked by the neighbors' houses.  It is now moving far enough north that we can begin to see it in the back yard.  ::squeal::  God is good!!

Some day soon I'll be able to dry laundry on my deck again.  "Soon" still being a relative term, of course.  

Kathi and Patrick, we sure wish you were here!!!

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  1. I wish I was 'here'!
    I'm so on edge the last couple of days waiting for the big news to reach me :) Every day I feel like a little stalker looking out for hints on your Facebook pages :D
    Oh and the snow looks so great - I miss the long and seemingly endless winter!
    Going to update you on a couple of things in a hopefully soon coming email ;)