Friday, March 15, 2013

Lordy, lordy, look who's 40!! (Weeks pregnant, that is)

You know, with weather like this, on March 15th, who would WANT to leave a perfectly climate-controlled environment complete with excellent room service??  We are having a "small" storm system move through today.  It started with freezing rain and is finishing up with 1-4 inches of snow predicted throughout the day.  Another system is being monitored and will possibly move through on Sunday/Monday.  I have heard rumors of blizzard warnings.  Yep, the baby just wants to stay cozy right where she is!

I have had a few more incidents of prodromal ("false") labor.  One more trip to the hospital on Sunday.  Goodness this baby duped me twice!  The third time's the charm, right?  Let's hope! I was blessed to have a prenatal massage last Saturday (thanks to a gift certificate given to me by a friend).  It was WONDERFUL.  I saw the chiropractor on Monday because I had been having SI joint pain again.  She got me all straightened out, and deemed me "ready to have a baby."  ::sigh::  But I do think the baby is still in a bad position.  I think she often flips posterior, and is possibly even asynclitic.  I'm trying so hard to use good posture and other techniques from to help the baby get into a better position, but it doesn't seem to help.  Since this has been an issue for me through multiple pregnancies, it could be the shape of my pelvis or some injury that affects the baby's position.  I tend to blame poor positioning for all the starts and stops to labor this time. 

I have a doctor appointment later this afternoon, and I'll update if there's anything interesting to tell.  But I have a few things to accomplish so it might get crazy later on today.  :)  I wanted to put up a picture while I had the's not very often (EVER!) that I get to be 40 weeks pregnant.  :)

(To be honest, I feel like I'm about 10 days overdue, LOL.  Gee, wonder why???)

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  1. You seem to be handling this much better than I do ;) The good news is, she WILL arrive soon! Hang in there... I've been praying.