Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pictures from this past week

She's looking a little yellow!  We had Mercy in to see her doctor on Thursday, and the doctor did a bili check.  It came back as 17.1.  I was so sad.  The doctor didn't immediately put her on a light, but asked us to come back in Friday morning to check it again.  It was "stable" according to the nurse, so I guess that means it was 17 again.  We have to go in on Monday morning to have it checked again.  I think that this time it will be lower.  She is nursing very well, and peeing and pooping good.  She has really good awake periods and doesn't sleep through feedings.  She has been having at least 2 times per day when she is awake and "stack feeds" for 2 hours.  I'm certainly no stranger to newborn jaundice!  I'm thankful that my doctor is lenient with me. 

I have hands waiting to hold her all the time.  Josh asks me at night before going to bed, "Mom, can I hold Mercy tomorrow?"  So sweet.
This aden & anais swaddle blanket I got from Bonnie is really awesome!

 It's really hard to count how many people are in our family (and draw them all) if you can only count to 10.  I think she came up with 18 and drew 12.  :)


  1. I got an Aden and Anias swaddler from a friend when I had TJ. We loved it so much we bought a multi pack at Target. He was swaddled for bedtime and every nap until he was well past 6 mo. So great!

    1. I noticed one on your shoulder at church!

  2. Definitely still looks like Granny Sut!!!