Monday, April 22, 2013

Mercy is 1 month old!

While I'm at it, I wanted to put up Mercy's stats.  She was one month old last Wednesday.  On Friday we took her to the doctor and she weighed 10 lbs 12 oz and was 22.75 in long.  That's 2 lbs of weight she has put on in the first month.  Way to go girl!

At 1 month Mercy
~is starting to smile
~lifts her head to look around
~seems to like Caleb the best, she always goes to sleep on him
~cluster feeds when she is awake
~takes good long naps
~spits up a TON (but doesn't seem to be in pain, thankfully)

Tirzah turned 4!

Tirzah's birthday was yesterday.  She was SO excited.  She told everyone at church--and I mean everyone.  She wanted them to announce it from the stage, but (thankfully) they did not.  I laughed when she pointed and said, "Hey, they should say it's my birthday!"  She is in full princess mode.  We picked out this fancy dress for her to wear for her party.  I broke her heart this morning when I told her she could not wear it to play in.  We are so thankful for hand-me-downs, and this one is one that we should keep nice!  The crown, however, is hers to play with as long as it lasts.  ::grin::

Tirzah got this adorable sock puppet kit from Grandma & Papa (Marilyn and Paul).  The boys wanted puppets, too.  We happen to have an overflowing missing sock bin, so we brought it up and let the boys have at it.  This then led to a massive sock-sorting party.  Hurray!  There were a LOT of socks that found their matches yesterday.  :)

There is always more to write than I have time. 

Tirzah is an adorable 4 year old (too bad that she knows it).  She loves to wear dresses and change her clothes 3-4 times per day.  (I do not promote this behavior, since I have to go behind her putting away the clothes that didn't get dirty or washing extra laundry that I shouldn't need to wash.).  She loves to do her "school", which is one of those fat preschool workbooks that you can get at Sams Club.  She draws great pictures (I have posted plenty of her artwork).  She loves to play with babies and Barbies.  She says, "I'm learning how to be a momma."  She takes good care of her babies.  She wanted a "Daddy Barbie" for her birthday so that her daycare friend, Sam, could play with her.  Thankfully, Eden's best friend Anna happened to be cleaning out some things from her room and came across a "Daddy Barbie" as well as another Barbie...and Tirzah was one happy birthday girl.  Tirzah is quite a picky eater some days, and other days she does great.  She had a long list of what she wanted for her birthday, and we weren't able to do all of it, but we were able to do some.  She wanted "carrot cake with real carrots in it, and ranch dressing."  I put real carrots in it, but we skipped the ranch dressing, much to everyone's delight.  She does love to eat carrots with ranch dressing.  Or maybe that's the other way around...ranch dressing with a few carrots on the side?  She is quite a ham!

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And More Pictures...

...on one hand, I can't believe Mercy is one month old today.  On the other hand, it feels like she has always been here.  Here are pictures from the past two weeks.

{2.5 weeks old...4/3/13}



{Tirzah loves to help wash dishes...we said she could be supper helper}

{3 weeks old...4/9/13}
This quilt was made by Mitch's 3rd grade class.  The substitute teacher he had while he was home after Mercy was born brought in the supplies and helped the class make a quilt.  Such a beautiful, amazing gift!

{Products of the snowstorm on 4/11/ was called off in all the surrounding feels like winter will never end...that snow has still not melted almost a week later, and we have more snow due tomorrow.  I am going to go insane.}


{4 weeks old!  4/14/13...wearing a little gown that was her big sister Eden'!}



Mercy is sleeping pretty well.  She sleeps in my bed and usually only wakes up a couple times.  She nurses and falls back to sleep immediately.  Not always, but usually.  There have been a couple of mornings where she has woken up around 4 a.m. and not gone back to sleep until after 6 a.m....which is just in time for me to need to get up.  But it hasn't been bad.  

I don't feel like I'm getting enough stuff done during the day.  We are managing to do at least a minimum amount of schoolwork, with a heavy focus on the older 3 kids for whom it matters most.  I also manage to get a minimum amount of housework done.  I got the floor mopped for the first time in a month on Monday.  But we are staying on top of laundry and our menu has pretty much returned to normal.  It's all about priorities. 

The lack of warm spring weather is driving me a little batty.  Where once a spring snowstorm could give me a little thrill (and the hope of a snow day), I am now gritting my teeth.  The boots stink from the endless cycle of being wet and drying for months.  I want to wash all the snowpants and gloves and pack them away.  I want to sweep up the entryway and mop it, knowing there won't be anymore slushy snow.  Let it give way to mud and grass clippings, please!  I want to open my windows and air out this place.  Our high temps might finally get up to 50 F next week...

Well, it is snack time and I've used way more time on blogging this morning than I really should have. I'm out...


Obadiah turned 2 years old on April 5!  (Yeah, I'm a little behind)

Obi is a sweet, fun, curious 2-year-old.  He gets into EVERYTHING.  He would love for Spring to come so he can play outside, but (as you will see) it seems to be long delayed.  Obi's vocabulary has exploded over the past couple months.  He repeats everything, and is stringing together sentences all on his own.  I giggled the other day when he shouted after a brother, "Hey, Come back here!"  He is at that wonderful stage where a kiss from Momma can heal any hurt.  He loves to cuddle when he is tired.  He still sleeps in my bed, and at night will reach over and randomly rub my hair...just to make sure I'm still there.  Mitch loves to tell the story that when I was in the hospital with Mercy, Obi rolled over and rubbed his face.  Of course, it was scratchy from not shaving.  Obi smacked Mitch and cried, "NOT Momma!"  Yeah, he missed me a bit.  :)  I have not felt ready to potty train him, but he seems like he is really ready to learn.  He can usually pee if we put him on the potty, and he has pooped in there several times, too.  He usually only goes when we ask him if he wants to, but he has gone a few times on his own volition.  He has woken up dry from sleeping all night, and peed in the potty when we set him on there.  I'm still not ready to train him (it's not like I don't have much going on), so I am setting my sights for the end of the school year and warmer weather to try then.  Since he is able to hold his pee all night, I have high hopes that it will go well if we just wait until *I'm* ready. 

Here are some Obi pics!

 {Got into Eden's fingernail polish!}

{Would love to play outside...but it's still snowing...even on your birthday!}

 {Grandpas and Grandmas were invented so they could read to children.}

 {Obi LOVES fish!}

{Pretending to be a puppy}
{And the obligatory spaghetti face picture...}

Happy Birthday Obi!!  We love you SOOOOO much!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Too Many Pictures

Time is getting away from me!  I am certainly challenged trying to keep it all together.  I have a million things to do, but I'd like to share some pictures from the past 2 weeks...

 Mercy is growing fast!  She was up to 9 lbs 7 oz and 21.5 in last Friday.  Here she is wearing a Pampered Cheeks Little Cheekies All-in-Two.  It is a super cute diaper. 

 Obi and Tirzah sure do love the baby!  Obi is still sleeping in my bed.  I knew that my efforts to avoid cosleeping with the baby would be in vain.  Sure enough, she is in my bed too.  The bed is getting too small!  Tirzah also decided she doesn't want to sleep in Eden's room anymore.  So she has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor in our room.  I'm so glad we are back in the master bedroom and have room for all these kids!!  :)

 Obi could hardly wait for the cookies to get done baking!

 Mercy loves baths and diaper changes.

 Mercy only sometimes likes being in a carrier.  This is the first day I wore her, and the kids kept asking me the funniest questions.  They asked where the baby was.  One or two of them said they thought I was pregnant again.  Ha!  That was fast!!

 This was our best attempt at a family picture on Easter.  It didn't go so well.  ::sigh:: Next time!  In other news, I didn't put my camera away like I should have, and the tripod got knocked over by some rambunctious boys.  I broke the lens mount on my 18-55mm lens.  Again (yep, been there, done that).  I ordered a new mount and replaced the broken one.  This time I was not so fortunate...the lens is not taking good pictures, so more than just the mount is broken.  I hope I can replace the lens soon, because the only other lenses I have start at 50mm.  That means I have to stand waaaaaaaay back. What a dumb, expensive mistake!

Obadiah loves some cheese!  He couldn't wait for me to slice it, and just helped himself.

I hope I will have time later to post more.  I have even MORE pictures, plus Obadiah had a birthday.  That boy has been in to EVERYTHING lately.  But mostly I'm going to go crazy with the to-do list that is incredibly disorganized and always impossibly long.