Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Eden is 14!

Eden turned 14 last Friday...

When I was 14 my grandmother surprised me by bringing her bestest, most delicious, perfect chocolate chip cookies in a tin to my school.  I was called into the office, not knowing what to expect.  I can still picture her standing there behind the full-glass windows of the office area:  a small woman, with her back slightly hunched from osteoporosis, curly gray hair (not white), and large round glasses sitting firmly on the bridge of her nose (not sliding off the end).  She was beautiful.  And oh how I treasured those cookies!  Her mom had likewise treated her when she was 14.  So I did the same for Eden.  But I don't think we remembered to eat any of them yet.  We also had a chocolate cake, an angel food cake, and homemade blizzards, not forgetting to mention 3 generous pieces of dessert (a cheesecake and some chocolate cake) from a friend Eden babysits for from Bello Cucina.  It was quite the evening, and we all had a sugar high!

(When we were singing "Happy Birthday", I guess Obi thought we were

Happy Birthday, Eden!!

I need to write more about Eden, but I am SO short on time these days.
  • has very long hair
  • loves horses and loves to ride
  • has some fish, including black convicts
  • is using her fish knowledge to help Grandma and Papa with their Koi
  • is in 8th grade, but pretty much does exactly the same schoolwork as Micah is doing for 9th grade
  • is great at Algebra
  • would love to sleep in every day, but is breakfast helper so she has to get up "early"
  • usually doesn't make it up in time to actually prepare or serve breakfast :)
  • is writing a novel in her free time
  • likes to play Sims
  • goes to the mall with her best friends, and last time even was brave enough to try on evening gowns "just for fun"

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