Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Obadiah turned 2 years old on April 5!  (Yeah, I'm a little behind)

Obi is a sweet, fun, curious 2-year-old.  He gets into EVERYTHING.  He would love for Spring to come so he can play outside, but (as you will see) it seems to be long delayed.  Obi's vocabulary has exploded over the past couple months.  He repeats everything, and is stringing together sentences all on his own.  I giggled the other day when he shouted after a brother, "Hey, Come back here!"  He is at that wonderful stage where a kiss from Momma can heal any hurt.  He loves to cuddle when he is tired.  He still sleeps in my bed, and at night will reach over and randomly rub my hair...just to make sure I'm still there.  Mitch loves to tell the story that when I was in the hospital with Mercy, Obi rolled over and rubbed his face.  Of course, it was scratchy from not shaving.  Obi smacked Mitch and cried, "NOT Momma!"  Yeah, he missed me a bit.  :)  I have not felt ready to potty train him, but he seems like he is really ready to learn.  He can usually pee if we put him on the potty, and he has pooped in there several times, too.  He usually only goes when we ask him if he wants to, but he has gone a few times on his own volition.  He has woken up dry from sleeping all night, and peed in the potty when we set him on there.  I'm still not ready to train him (it's not like I don't have much going on), so I am setting my sights for the end of the school year and warmer weather to try then.  Since he is able to hold his pee all night, I have high hopes that it will go well if we just wait until *I'm* ready. 

Here are some Obi pics!

 {Got into Eden's fingernail polish!}

{Would love to play outside...but it's still snowing...even on your birthday!}

 {Grandpas and Grandmas were invented so they could read to children.}

 {Obi LOVES fish!}

{Pretending to be a puppy}
{And the obligatory spaghetti face picture...}

Happy Birthday Obi!!  We love you SOOOOO much!

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