Monday, April 22, 2013

Tirzah turned 4!

Tirzah's birthday was yesterday.  She was SO excited.  She told everyone at church--and I mean everyone.  She wanted them to announce it from the stage, but (thankfully) they did not.  I laughed when she pointed and said, "Hey, they should say it's my birthday!"  She is in full princess mode.  We picked out this fancy dress for her to wear for her party.  I broke her heart this morning when I told her she could not wear it to play in.  We are so thankful for hand-me-downs, and this one is one that we should keep nice!  The crown, however, is hers to play with as long as it lasts.  ::grin::

Tirzah got this adorable sock puppet kit from Grandma & Papa (Marilyn and Paul).  The boys wanted puppets, too.  We happen to have an overflowing missing sock bin, so we brought it up and let the boys have at it.  This then led to a massive sock-sorting party.  Hurray!  There were a LOT of socks that found their matches yesterday.  :)

There is always more to write than I have time. 

Tirzah is an adorable 4 year old (too bad that she knows it).  She loves to wear dresses and change her clothes 3-4 times per day.  (I do not promote this behavior, since I have to go behind her putting away the clothes that didn't get dirty or washing extra laundry that I shouldn't need to wash.).  She loves to do her "school", which is one of those fat preschool workbooks that you can get at Sams Club.  She draws great pictures (I have posted plenty of her artwork).  She loves to play with babies and Barbies.  She says, "I'm learning how to be a momma."  She takes good care of her babies.  She wanted a "Daddy Barbie" for her birthday so that her daycare friend, Sam, could play with her.  Thankfully, Eden's best friend Anna happened to be cleaning out some things from her room and came across a "Daddy Barbie" as well as another Barbie...and Tirzah was one happy birthday girl.  Tirzah is quite a picky eater some days, and other days she does great.  She had a long list of what she wanted for her birthday, and we weren't able to do all of it, but we were able to do some.  She wanted "carrot cake with real carrots in it, and ranch dressing."  I put real carrots in it, but we skipped the ranch dressing, much to everyone's delight.  She does love to eat carrots with ranch dressing.  Or maybe that's the other way around...ranch dressing with a few carrots on the side?  She is quite a ham!

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!

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  1. Well, she gets it from her momma. Gran used to get so mad at you girls(Dot & Chris) for wearing clothes for 5 minutes and throwing them down. I think we all did that.