Friday, May 17, 2013

Mercy at 2 months

Mercy is 2 months old today.  She is such a chubby little girl and it still makes me laugh!  Recently we took a trip to Tennessee and Virginia--just me and her.  She was a wonderful traveler!  Here are some pictures:

Next week I will take her to the doctor for her 2-month checkup and she will get some immunizations.

At 2 months, Mercy
~eats about every 2 hours
~usually only wakes up once during the night
~laughed for her daddy just last night
~lifts her head when she is on her tummy, but only for a little bit
~pushes herself forward when she is on her tummy--stinker!
~loves her brothers and sisters
~still loves it when Caleb puts her to sleep
~LOVES bathtime
~has a bit of cradle cap still, but doesn't have newborn acne either, overall her skin is improving
~barely squeezes in to her 0-3 mo clothing, she is ready for bigger sizes, and she missed out on wearing many things because it has been so cold this spring
~spits up a LOT, seriously she leaves puddles on the floor, and she is really fussy after eating (I think she overeats, because when my milk supply was low recently she nursed more frequently and did not spit up)

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