Monday, May 06, 2013

Small Update

Just want to post a quick update...the weather is finally warming up a little bit so that the snow has thawed.  We had a couple nice days, then it got cold again, and today it is warm again.  It should be nice all this week.  It's wonderful to have the windows open and kids playing outdoors.  The "boys" (Zeke, Josh, and Malachi) are loving the warmer weather.  They are riding bikes, rollerblading, and constantly playing games with their neighborhood friends.  I am SO glad they have friends here their ages.  When we moved in 10 years ago, there was only one family that was the same age as our kids.

I've gotten a little spring cleaning/organizing done, but it's not easy to find the time.  And I have a few "tornadoes" that come through behind me and make it hard to tell any work has been done at all.  No white glove inspections here--Mercy has some spit-up rags that are white, and oh my! If you ever use one to wipe the floor, please don't look at it afterward.  ;)  It doesn't matter if I have just mopped the floor or not.  At this point I think the mop just pushes the mud around.  Haha. My biggest feat last weekend was washing all the winter coats, snow pants, gloves, etc.  I got them all clean and packed them away, not caring if the weather was supposed to be cold again or not.  We just stayed inside when it got cold. 

We are nearing the end of the school year and feeling the push a little bit.  Caleb is nearly done with all his schoolwork, so his days are spent in boredom.  Oops!  I could use a little more training there, I think.  Micah and Eden are behind in their work (mostly my fault, not necessarily theirs, for not building in more sick days), so we are pushing to get done.  Ouch.  Zeke and Josh just do what I tell them too.  They will be working through the summer, but it will only be a math page and grammar here and there.  They will do plenty of reading on their own.  I am just finally picking up the pace with Malachi.  He pretty much got left behind when school was too difficult for me and I made cuts where I had to in our schedule.  He needed more time than I was able to give him, and I just plain didn't feel like he was ready yet for the work I was asking him to do.  So for most of the year we went r-e-a-l-l-y slowly, and focused on learning letters and their sounds, as well as numbers and some easy adding.  Now we will have more time to work together through the summer.  Even though I think he was not ready for kindergarten last fall when we started, I think he will be doing just fine this next school year.  Technically he will be in first grade, but it really doesn't matter to me anymore.  Yeah, I've turned into one of *those* homeschooling parents.  Finally!

Ok, there's more to say and like a broken record I'll say, "Not enough time."

Mercy is doing well.  She is round and chubby.  Definitely packing on pounds a little more quickly than Tirzah did.  I can't wait for her 2-month checkup to see how she compares to her brothers.  She isn't settling into much of a schedule. She still eats lots when she is awake and sleeps lots when she sleeps.  She loves Caleb, and he puts her to sleep almost every day at least once.  I'm grateful for all the helpers to hold her so I can get something done.  I still wear her in a carrier often too, though.  My back has been hurting a lot--I attribute it to lack of stomach muscles and poor posture since she has been born.  :(  It makes it harder to carry her, even in a carrier.  She is spitting up SO MUCH.  It's seriously gross.  I have learned a few tricks to keep her from eating so much at one sitting.  It doesn't eliminate the spitting up, but sometimes it helps.  Yuck.  She is working on holding up her head, and she is also smiling some.  When I lay her on her tummy on the floor, she tries to crawl.  Yep...another one of those.

Picture time, then I'm outta here!

 Who wants a sandbox, when you can dig for worms in the garden???

 This is what we do when it's too cold to play outside.

 My pretty girls all ready for church.


  1. Thanks for the update! Have you ever checked to see if you have diastasis recti? That could very well be the cause of your back pain. If you do have it, you can heal it, but you have to do the right kind of exercises. Google it :)

  2. She still looks so much different than your other babies.