Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Squirrels Eat

I was reading a new poem about squirrels to Malachi.  It is a cute little poem from IEW's Primary Art of Language curriculum (author unknown) and the end goes:
"Where's his supper--
In the shell,
Out it fell!"
I asked Malachi what it could be.  He didn't understand my question so I rephrased it and asked, "What is in a shell that a squirrel eats?"

Malachi giggled and answered, "A turtle?"

I read the ending again, trying to be patient.  Malachi said this time, "A snapping turtle?"

Oh boy...I figured I was trying too hard.  Clearly he was only hearing the first part of my question, "What is in a shell..."  Nearing exhasperation, I simplified my question, "What do squirrels eat?"

He said confidently, "Nuts!"

I read the poem again, and I think he finally got it.  Some days I am just SO not equipped to be a teacher.  :)

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