Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mercy is 3 months old!

I can't believe it's been 3 months already.  Tomorrow will be 14 weeks.  Since she was born when I was 40 weeks pregnant, I am trying to think back 14 weeks before she was born.  At 26 weeks pregnant, I still had a "long" way to go.  I wasn't even thinking about being ready to give birth (though I was getting ready).  I wasn't wishing that time would go faster.  I was in the golden period of pregnancy--not so big that I felt uncomfortable, yet past all the morning sickness, and feeling the baby kick and move was amazing.  As the weeks whittled away, they seemed to crawl slower and slower.  And after the baby was born, time jumped into hyper speed.  I call this effect "whiplash".  It jerks me around so much just thinking about it makes my neck (or my heart?) ache.  ::sigh::

A week ago I had Caleb in to the doctor for his 12-year-old checkup.  While the doctor did part of the exam, I stepped out in the hallway with the baby to give him privacy.  While waiting, I slipped down the hall and put the baby on the scale.  Clothes, cloth diaper, and all, she weighed 14 lbs 2 oz.  :)  Cute chubby girl.

Here are some pictures and more stats:

 While heading to a picnic a couple weeks ago, we drove by this place (an appliance store) and laughed at the sign.  Then we turned around to take a picture.  Yeah, I have warm milk, but I think Mercy likes it that way.  :)  Mercy is a good nurser (obviously).  She usually eats about every 2 hours.  She takes at least one long nap most days, but sometimes 2.  She takes other "cat naps" (short naps) too.  She sleeps very well at night as long as she is in bed with me.  She will usually sleep between 5-7 hours the first stretch, then wake for a "snack" and sleep until morning after that.  I tried placing her in a bassinet beside my bed, and that didn't fly.  Maybe I will try again, but for now I actually like cuddling with her.

 Mercy started drooling recently.  Unlike spit-up that she has had since birth, the drool is clear (and doesn't smell as bad).  I read once that babies' olfactory glands mature right around 3 months, producing drool.  This milestone happens at the same time another milestone is reached--baby starts grabbing toys and bringing them to her mouth.  The drool helps flush unwanted germs out of the baby's mouth.  The drool is another way the baby's immune system helps keep baby healthy!
 And Mercy has been putting her fist and anything else she can grab (usually her clothes, bib, blanket, etc) into her mouth.  She would love to suck on her thumb, but she always curls her fist around it when she's grabbing things, so she doesn't ever get it in there.  She did a couple times after she was born, but no luck since then.  Because she has been trying to suck on her fist a lot, I tried offering her a pacifier again.  For a long time, she would gag when I would give it to her.  She seems to like it now...but I often forget to offer it to her. 

 She still is trying to get somewhere when she's on her tummy.  Go baby, go!  I told her that since she doesn't have knee caps yet, she'll have to wait a bit longer.  Did you know that baby's are not born with knee caps?  That's another cool bit of trivia for the day.

 We get lots of good smiles, coos, and giggles from Mercy.  She "talks" to us all the time.  So cute!

These two are trouble makers.  They love Mercy, but they are not always gentle.  We have had a few tears.  Thankfully, Mercy doesn't seem to be holding a grudge.
 Mercy is wearing size 3-6 month clothing and size small Pampered Cheeks cloth diapers (or size 2 in disposables...which we use at night).  She still spits up a lot, so a bib is usually standard part of the outfit for the day.  

 Micah loves to complain when Mercy pukes on him.  But, who wouldn't?  Pardon the mess in the background and laugh with Micah about the puke on his shirt.

One last giggle for you.  ::squeal::


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6,000 Days

Trying to keep with tradition, Mitch and I marked our 6,000th day of marriage this past weekend (we celebrated 2,000 and tried to celebrate 4,000).  It was really a make-up day for me missing our 16th anniversary in January, and to be honest this was nicer.  We have had crummy weather, but Saturday was actually warm and dry, though slightly overcast.  We met our friends Scott and Shannon at a local flower garden...they were celebrating their 11th anniversary.  Eleven years ago, Micah (4, almost 5, years old) was their ring bearer!  We picnicked, then took turns taking pictures.  The overcast skies made for perfect lighting for middle-of-the-day pictures.  I had a couple props I had picked up at a thrift store.  We had TONS of fun and laughter.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Malachi is 6!

Malachi celebrated his birthday on Sunday.  He looked forward to it for months.  It was a really hectic day for us (why on Sundays??), but we did our best to fulfill his wishes.  :)  He requested pizza, so we had that for lunch (actually Grandma Karen and Grandpa Marc had it with the kids while Mitch and I had a lunch date with good friends who are missionaries).  Malachi also requested chocolate cake.  He wanted one just like Daddy's, but I opted for something a little easier/faster to make--a box mix that boasted "triple chocolate".  Yum.  Chi really wanted to have friends over, but that is one thing that we didn't do.  I really needed to keep the day as simple as possible.  We had to compromise with being able playing with neighbor kids.  Our weather has been really crummy, but we had a glimpse of the sun.  The ground is soggy wet and the wind is a little nippy, but they still had fun running and playing.  I gave Malachi a Star Wars coloring set that he has had a lot of fun with this week.  Here are some pictures:

This picture below was actually taken a few days before Malachi's birthday.  As part of his school, we write in a journal every day.  On May 29, it was our friend Ben's birthday.  I was having a hard time getting Chi's attention.  I asked him what he wanted to write about, and he said Ben's birthday.  I decided since he had learned all his lower-case letters, he could do the writing (with me spelling).  He did a great job, considering we haven't practiced writing on lines yet.  He was proud of his work.

Pardon the goes hand-in-hand with little boys and playing outside, don't you think?

 I asked him to show me how old he was, and he started counting it out on his fingers...

Oh, good, he knows he's six!!

Someone is ready for cake...

We love you, Malachi!!

At 6 years old, Malachi...
~still has a million-dollar smile that melts hearts
~loves all things sweet, including candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, pop, etc.
~hates anything with chicken in it (I have no idea why)
~won't eat hotdogs
~loves casseroles with any sort of tomato sauce - ground beef combination (think: pizza hotdish, spaghetti, etc)
~won't eat meatballs
~loves chili
~loves mashed potatoes, but won't eat a regular potato
~and of course loves pizza
~wears some size 5 pants, but mostly size 6 now, especially in shirts
~wears a size 12 shoe
~loves to ride his bike (without training wheels)
In school, Malachi can...
~write all the lowercase letters and several capital letters
~name most of the phonograms that the letters say (a says /a/ in cat, /a/ in cake, /a/ in father)
~read quite a few words (all short-vowel words, and some more complicated words like "leaf")
~do simple addition problems (5+5, etc) and read numbers in the hundreds (316 = three hundred sixteen)