Friday, June 07, 2013

Malachi is 6!

Malachi celebrated his birthday on Sunday.  He looked forward to it for months.  It was a really hectic day for us (why on Sundays??), but we did our best to fulfill his wishes.  :)  He requested pizza, so we had that for lunch (actually Grandma Karen and Grandpa Marc had it with the kids while Mitch and I had a lunch date with good friends who are missionaries).  Malachi also requested chocolate cake.  He wanted one just like Daddy's, but I opted for something a little easier/faster to make--a box mix that boasted "triple chocolate".  Yum.  Chi really wanted to have friends over, but that is one thing that we didn't do.  I really needed to keep the day as simple as possible.  We had to compromise with being able playing with neighbor kids.  Our weather has been really crummy, but we had a glimpse of the sun.  The ground is soggy wet and the wind is a little nippy, but they still had fun running and playing.  I gave Malachi a Star Wars coloring set that he has had a lot of fun with this week.  Here are some pictures:

This picture below was actually taken a few days before Malachi's birthday.  As part of his school, we write in a journal every day.  On May 29, it was our friend Ben's birthday.  I was having a hard time getting Chi's attention.  I asked him what he wanted to write about, and he said Ben's birthday.  I decided since he had learned all his lower-case letters, he could do the writing (with me spelling).  He did a great job, considering we haven't practiced writing on lines yet.  He was proud of his work.

Pardon the goes hand-in-hand with little boys and playing outside, don't you think?

 I asked him to show me how old he was, and he started counting it out on his fingers...

Oh, good, he knows he's six!!

Someone is ready for cake...

We love you, Malachi!!

At 6 years old, Malachi...
~still has a million-dollar smile that melts hearts
~loves all things sweet, including candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, pop, etc.
~hates anything with chicken in it (I have no idea why)
~won't eat hotdogs
~loves casseroles with any sort of tomato sauce - ground beef combination (think: pizza hotdish, spaghetti, etc)
~won't eat meatballs
~loves chili
~loves mashed potatoes, but won't eat a regular potato
~and of course loves pizza
~wears some size 5 pants, but mostly size 6 now, especially in shirts
~wears a size 12 shoe
~loves to ride his bike (without training wheels)
In school, Malachi can...
~write all the lowercase letters and several capital letters
~name most of the phonograms that the letters say (a says /a/ in cat, /a/ in cake, /a/ in father)
~read quite a few words (all short-vowel words, and some more complicated words like "leaf")
~do simple addition problems (5+5, etc) and read numbers in the hundreds (316 = three hundred sixteen)

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