Monday, July 22, 2013

Kathi is here!!!

We have been counting down the months and days...and now she is finally here!

And it feels like the past two years were just a few days...amazing...

 We were late getting to the airport.  As we were still 20  minutes away, I was checking flight updates on my phone and saw that her plane was already at the gate.  I wished we could go faster.  I didn't want her to be standing there alone waiting for us.  Hmm...this feeling is exactly the same feeling I had 3 years ago when we drove to pick her up from the airport the first time!  This time Kathi had to go through customs before she could come out.  It worked out SO perfectly that we only had to stand and wait about 5 minutes before she came out.  Five minutes is just about perfect when waiting with little children.  YAY!  She's here!!

 Obadiah was about the size of Mercy now when Kathi left 2 years ago.  Everyone has gotten so big...and even though Kathi wore her pink shirt, no one else did--in fact, Mitch and I are the only ones who can still wear our shirts, everyone else grew out of theirs.  :)  I think we need to make more shirts.

 Mercy gave Kathi smiles right away.

 Kathi brought presents that are perfect for going to the pool (and showing off our German pride)!

 Kathi had thought hard about each person and brought gifts for everyone.  It was SO sweet.  Here are pics of some of them:

 Kathi had also written each person a note (even Mercy), and decorated them like the one Zeke is holding.

 ^^For Micah

The story behind this:  Kathi said that she didn't know what to get Mitch, because he likes everything.  So she decided to get him something she knew he *wouldn't* like.  She saw a classmate writing with this pen, that happens to look like a syringe filled with blood, and knew that had to be the gift for Mitch (who gets woosey at the sight of blood).  

We are going to have some fun with these!

Real German Nutella!  Does Kathi know me, or what?!

Caleb's Extreme Makover

Ok, so not totally extreme, but still...a makover.

It started with the glasses, which I already blogged about.

Then he got an awesome hat from Germany from Kathi (which I need to blog now I'm all out of order...but I'll get it sorted in a minute).

Then he decided he needed a haircut to go with the hat.  To which I breathed a sigh of relief! 

 Wow, I have to say it is so nice to see your face, Caleb!!! 

I love it with and without the hat.  It looks so clean, and the cut of the style goes well with his wavy hair (especially in the humidity we've been having lately).

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mercy is 4 months old!

Oh my what a cutie!!

I put her in my favorite dress today.  ::squeeze::

 {Streeeeetching to reach a toy just out of reach}

 {Big sister Tirzah coming to talk}

Here are a few more pictures from a couple days ago:

 {This is a blanket I started before she was born, but I haven't gotten to finish yet.  It is SO soft.  I love it.}

 {More fun with the bonnet}

At 4 months, Mercy:
~slept over 8 hours straight a couple nights ago!  In her own bed!
~is working hard on rolling over
~puts everything into her mouth
~is quiet and calm most of the time
~blows raspberries
~still exclusively breastfeeds
~wears one-size cloth diapers most of the time (on the smallest setting)
~wears size 2 disposables...but they are getting small.  When I run out, I will buy 3's.
~wears size 3-6 month clothes (with a couple 6-9 month things)
~tries to get her feet into her mouth
~reaches for toys
~can grab and hang on to a toy, and put it into her mouth
~loves to pull hair (especially mine and Eden's)...I thought it was just a coincidence, but she is purposefully reaching for our hair!
~still spits up frequently, though some days are always better than others, she seems to be spitting up just as much as ever
~does not take medicine for reflux (since she is already "happy")
~has lost a lot of her dark hair, all that is left is a patch running around the bottom/back of her head and a little bit up top, barely enough to comb over
~is not totally bald, though, she has a covering of fine, lighter colored hair
~loves to stand on our laps
~just discovered "peekaboo" and loves it
~knows her name, and will turn and smile
~looks for her siblings when they are not around, and calms down when they come home
~doesn't tolerate the heat CRABBY when the temp gets above 80 in our house (currently at 85 WITH the a/c running full time, and she has a heat rash, poor baby).
~sees the doctor next week for round two of immunizations and to see how big she has gotten
~is too big for the Bumbo seat!!  It was seriously funny trying to squeeze her little fat legs in there.  :)  


There must be something about growing up that does it to my kids.  Micah did when he was 12.  Eden did when she was 13.  Now Caleb at 12 is following in their footsteps...

Thankfully, they have been "blessed" with what their eye doctor says is a "perfect" prescription (all of them are similar)...when they hit their 40s, it will be really nice.  I'm not sure I get what he means, but I am going to trust his experience and be thankful!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Micah's 16th Birthday

Micah turned 16 yesterday...we didn't get to do everything *I* would have liked to do, but we tried to celebrate nonetheless. 


 Ok, so the story with the broccoli is that when I was planning the menu and asked what Micah wanted for his birthday dinner he replied, "Broccoli."  Knowing that he was not serious, I kept pestering him.  Finally, in exasperation, I gave up and asked him what kind of cake he wanted.  Again he replied, "Broccoli."  Argh!  Trying not to let him win, I bought him some broccoli (and planned a menu...later he chose chocolate cake).  After we sang Happy Birthday, Micah proceeded to bite off a huge chunk of broccoli.  I just don't get boys.  (He promptly went to the bathroom...and I am sure he spit it out, LOL).

 Wow, 16 candles really make the cake glow!

 Micah took so long to blow out the candles, I will have to buy some new ones now!  Ha!

I recently discovered that Sam's Club sells Choco Tacos.  They are Micah's favorite.  Even cooler in a nerdy sort of way, the box has 16 tacos.  =D

And Micah didn't even offer to share!  Really?!

So, at 16 years old, Micah:
~is learning to drive!!
~is taller and heavier than his momma (emphasis on the heavier--yay!)
~likes pizza, chicken (particularly teriyaki chicken and jerk chicken on the grill), tacos, enchiladas, brats...notice the MEAT theme here??
~never sleeps enough at night
~is working really, really hard at learning how to have healthy relationships (I'm so proud of his efforts!!)
~is setting good boundaries for himself 
~is a pretty good big brother
~especially loves his smallest siblings
~is very competitive
~loves to hang out with other teenage boys--and play basketball, soccer, disc golf, paintball, and other games they make up (boys!!)
~also loves his "screen time", which is always more fun playing with people he knows
~loves to aggravate the cr*p out of his momma
~is growing up, he's almost a man!

I love you so much, Micah!  I am proud of how you are growing and learning.  I know I give you a hard time, but the truth is, you are amazing. ::love::