Saturday, July 06, 2013

Dentist Visits!

I take my kids to Central MN Pediatric Dentists here in town.  We have been going there since Micah and Eden's first dentist appointments when they were very small.  They are SO nice.  I recently took the kids in for a checkup, and it was Obadiah's first visit.  I knew that he would be scared, so when the first kid was called back, I asked if we could come too.  I explained what was happening over and over again, to help him get familiar with the "language" and understand what was going on.  I praised each big kid for sitting so nicely and letting the dentist "count" their teeth.  After he watched 4 of his big siblings get their teeth cleaned, he was willing to hop up in the chair for his turn.  I was soooooo proud of him!!  He was still cautious, and not overly thrilled, but he was a rock star.  Never cried once.  :) Oh, and let's not forget to give a shout-out to the staff at the dentist for taking on 8 of the Theis kids all at once!!  Now if I could just get our family doctor to do her visits that way...ha!!




Obi is checking out Zeke


{Obadiah!!! With our friend Lori, who was the first person to ever clean Micah and Eden's teeth.  We love you Lori!}


{Caleb with his "perfect" teeth}


Zeke was the only one who had a cavity.  Great job brushing and flossing kids!! 

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