Saturday, July 06, 2013


I took these pictures 5 days ago, and it amazes me how much the plants have grown since then!  We are still "behind" as far as the growing season goes, but the plants are growing like they're trying to catch up. 

 Cauliflower and peppers.  The large plants are ones we bought.  The tiny pepper plants are ones I started from seeds.  

 Sunflowers.  The tall one is a volunteer that grew all on its own.  The two tiny ones are ones I planted from seeds sometime in June.  I think they'll make it eventually.

 A little bush cucumber we bought.  We aren't doing the straw bales this year, so I didn't want to plan cucumbers to "take over" my garden.  Mitch brought me home this little bush cucumber and promised that it would stay in its own area. 

 Tiny okra plants.  I have 12 of them up.  Let's hope that I can figure out *just* the right time to harvest them.  Oh, I suppose we can hope that I even get a chance to harvest them.  Grow babies, grow!

One of the two tomato plants we purchased.  We have 3 cages this year.  We planted some not in cages also...if they make it, it will be a huge mess.  Oh's all for fun anyway!

I didn't blog about it before, but the last couple of years have really been hard on our grass.  We had two summers that were very hot and dry.  Last winter a huge amount of snow at the bottom of our deck stairs melted into an ice block that didn't melt until well into April (maybe even in May? I have a picture of it taken on April 27.).  So our yard has big bare patches without any grass.  I have always said, "I'm raising kids, not grass."  But you know...the kids sure are drawn to the dirt!

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