Monday, July 01, 2013


Normally, when I think of "housework" I think of laundry, dishes, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, etc.  A couple weeks ago I went into the bathroom and found a puddle of water on the floor.  I did a little silent grumbling about the "boys who pee on the floor", got out the cleaner, and did a quick "wipe down" of the bathroom.  A couple days later I brought up a load of towels from the laundry room and Mitch volunteered to fold them for me.  As he was folding them, he found some weird wet spots on the towels.  We had no idea what it could be from.  Since it was on several of the towels, we decided to throw them back in the wash.  (More grumbling).  While making lunch that same day, Eden went to the laundry room to retrieve a loaf of bread from the dorm fridge we have there. She came back up and said that there was muddy water dripping from the ceiling.  I went to the bathroom to inspect, and found a large puddle of water around the toilet (again).  Ugh.  Our toilet was leaking!

I'm so glad I have a handy husband.  I'll spare you all the gross details.  In summary, when Mitch took off the toilet, we found that the wax ring underneath had completely disintegrated and the toilet had been leaking for some time.  The wood around the drain pipe was rotting away.  At this point, we knew that it wasn't as "simple" as replacing the toilet.  In fact, the toilet itself was completely fine.  We pulled back the linoleum (knowing that it would have to be replaced), and found that a large section of the subfloor would need to be cut out and replaced.  I don't know about how you plan things, but this is NOT how we plan housework!  ::sigh::  Several days later I got something that I had actually dreamed about for a long time--a new floor.  (No, I didn't sabotage the toilet in order to get one.)

I spent a lot of time helping Mitch clean off all the old linoleum.  While in the past I have wished for a bigger bathroom, this was one time when I was glad our bathroom floor is small.  :)
Removing the old floor and replacing it was very tricky in this area.  Underneath was mechanical ducts for the furnace, as well as the soft insulated air-exchange pipe, other pipes, electrical wires, etc.  Mitch had to maneuver his saw in here to clean everything out.  In some places he had no choice but to chisel it out a bit at a time.  Then he needed to build in extra supports for the new floor.  He put a lot of thinking and planning into this.  In the end the new floor is stronger than the old one.  ^^ 

We chose the allure vinyl flooring from Home Depot for our new floor.  It was a cinch to install, it looks like wood, but it's completely vinyl and can be soaked.  (Um, boys, let's not try that right away, please?)
The old toilet was still perfectly useful and we put it back on (with a new wax ring, of course).  A couple days later, Eden alerted us that there was a small puddle of water by the toilet on the floor.  My heart sank.  I went to examine the dime-sized "puddle" of "water."  After much inspection, we determined that it was just pee after all.  Who knew I could be so relieved to just do a simple wipe down of the bathroom and move on??

You know how when you do a project, there are"little things" that don't get finished all the way?  Well, we tried very hard to do everything, but we were not able to re-install my diaper sprayer (yet).  Mitch accidentally broke a part, and finding the right parts at the store has been challenging.  Even I tried to go pick up the right parts and failed.  In the meantime (after swishing out a few poopy diapers by hand), I declared that Obi needs to be potty trained anyway and that is exactly what we are doing--potty training!

In the middle of this whole floor project, we were hit by a couple of really bad storms.  One of the storms took down trees all over town.  It also took some shingles from our roof.  ::sigh::  Being a home owner this month sure is depressing!  It wasn't that big of a deal, but our roof is also leaking in a couple places over the garage.  So we haven't done anything yet and instead called our insurance adjuster to come look at it.  I'm a little sick to my stomach thinking about it.

I went up on the roof--twice.  I probably will never again be brave enough to do it.  I am a far cry from the little girl I used to be when I loved to climb up in the rafters of the barn! But after going up once, I had to go back down and get my camera.  The view was excellent.  You can see our missing shingles in this picture...again, not bad, but there is the other thing with the roof leak.  :\

Mitch got some calls to help cut up trees for friends.  So he got to use his chainsaw and his wood splitter.  Fun times!! And of course the kids love to help.  His step-dad, Marc, had to do some engine work on the wood splitter to get it running.  Perfect timing, though!

Just for fun...because you can't take life SO seriously.  ^^

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  1. We have so been there done that with the replacing the floor around the toilet unexpectedly. Icky to find out it needed to be done, but nice to have it completed. Good job, the floor looks great.