Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It has been 16 years...

16 years ago this night, Mitch just got home from working a 12-hour day at Red's Transfer (a moving company).  He was super tired.  We had been cleaning apartments in our unit and had equipment in 3 different places to move back into our apartment.  After finally getting all that done, I sat down and realized I was having some contractions.  A couple days before at the doctor I had been 3 cm dilated, so it probably was going to be "any time".  Poor Mitch was SO tired, it was hard to be excited about staying up all night.  I called a neighbor to come sit with me and Mitch went to bed.  I let him sleep until 2 am, when I finally had to get him up so we could go to the hospital.

Micah was born Friday, 7/11/97, at 11:52 am, weighing 8 lbs 4 oz. It was a particularly difficult delivery for a young first-time mom.  Micah was facing up (posterior or "sunny side up") and his head was slightly tipped to the side.  My amazing doctor was patient and didn't rush me through pushing, nor did he ever mention a c-section even though things were taking a long time.  Micah was stellar...he was 100% perfect.  I had 3rd degree lacerations, and was quite a bit sore.  (A small side the same hospital the very next day, Devona and Mark were preparing to welcome their first, Anna.  We didn't meet each other until a few years later, but we have been friends ever since!)

I would love to take time to write Micah's story through all the years, but I would never finish.  :)  For now, here are some pictures:

1 year old:
(Micah didn't care one bit for his cake!)

2 years old (and constantly on the move)...anyone think he looks a bit like Obadiah:?

3 years old:

4 years old (we celebrated in Virginia):

5 years old:

6 years old:

7 years old (there's Anna!!):

8 years old:

9 years old:

10 years old:

11 years old (too cool to party with us??)
(I wish I could remember what he was so mad, wait, maybe I don't...)

12 years old (feels like yesterday):
If you haven't caught on to the theme, we often celebrate Micah's birthday on the 4th of July.  That doesn't mean we don't mark his birthday when the 11th rolls around...he usually gets a small celebration then, too.  This year I made him his favorite pizza after contacting Godfather's Pizza to find out how it's done.  =D

13 years old (and my first teenager...yikes!!!):

14 years old (who knew that Micah had such curly hair?):

15 years old (this year he was gone for his birthday ::sniff:: so this is as good as it gets for pictures):

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