Monday, July 22, 2013

Kathi is here!!!

We have been counting down the months and days...and now she is finally here!

And it feels like the past two years were just a few days...amazing...

 We were late getting to the airport.  As we were still 20  minutes away, I was checking flight updates on my phone and saw that her plane was already at the gate.  I wished we could go faster.  I didn't want her to be standing there alone waiting for us.  Hmm...this feeling is exactly the same feeling I had 3 years ago when we drove to pick her up from the airport the first time!  This time Kathi had to go through customs before she could come out.  It worked out SO perfectly that we only had to stand and wait about 5 minutes before she came out.  Five minutes is just about perfect when waiting with little children.  YAY!  She's here!!

 Obadiah was about the size of Mercy now when Kathi left 2 years ago.  Everyone has gotten so big...and even though Kathi wore her pink shirt, no one else did--in fact, Mitch and I are the only ones who can still wear our shirts, everyone else grew out of theirs.  :)  I think we need to make more shirts.

 Mercy gave Kathi smiles right away.

 Kathi brought presents that are perfect for going to the pool (and showing off our German pride)!

 Kathi had thought hard about each person and brought gifts for everyone.  It was SO sweet.  Here are pics of some of them:

 Kathi had also written each person a note (even Mercy), and decorated them like the one Zeke is holding.

 ^^For Micah

The story behind this:  Kathi said that she didn't know what to get Mitch, because he likes everything.  So she decided to get him something she knew he *wouldn't* like.  She saw a classmate writing with this pen, that happens to look like a syringe filled with blood, and knew that had to be the gift for Mitch (who gets woosey at the sight of blood).  

We are going to have some fun with these!

Real German Nutella!  Does Kathi know me, or what?!


  1. I'm happy she could return to the nest for a bit longer!! I hope everyone has a blast!! She is a brave girl!! :)

  2. Kathi´s Mom7/23/2013 6:35 AM

    I love all the pics! So nice!

  3. We are all laughing hysterically over the pens. Too funny!

    So glad she is here. :)

  4. So CUtee.. hehehehehe